Is a Man Interested if He Doesn’t call?

I’m gonna answer this question and throw up a poll to see if you agree.

No. No, he isn’t interested. I know this and yet I still find myself scratching my head when a man proclaims interest, but has this idea that he can text you 24/7 without ever calling. I can’t lie. I might be inclined to accept this some of the time if that’s what schedules permitted, but these are the same men with dry conversation. You wanna text me to death *and* have nothing to say at the same time? No. Be witty and intelligent, at minimum.

Why do y’all think this is? I mean, I know some people aren’t good at conversation. I know some have social anxiety or lack of confidence in their ability to convey ideas. But tell me – can you really get to know someone solely by text? And why would you/they want to if you have technology that allows you to “talk?”

I know my annoyance is coming through. But it’s the labor. The labor that I refuse to do – teach conversational skills, carry the weight of conversations by myself, guess what people are thinking, etc. No. If they can’t use their words – no. I’m also not signing up for boredom.

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  1. I don’t think you can get to know a person via text . I feel in reality it’s best to at least pick up the phone . I’ve dated a few men that just want to text and it always seems like they were hiding something . Also, if a grow man is really interested in a mature relationship the least he can do is try and invest time in phone conversations, to start with. If it goes beyond two weeks of texting only it’s not acceptable .
    I think the bottom line that some men resort to texting is they aren’t willing or ready to put in effort . Maybe they are just playing games or hiding something .

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