It’s Only Fitting That I’m Writing You Now

I’ve spent a good chunk of time writing a memoir this year, and it was a whole two years ago when I last wrote – to express gratitude. Hello, if you’re still here!

I have more chapters to write and put together, and more stories to tell, more layering to consider – layering of my perspective as a “now narrator.” Like, what have I learned in all my life and what and how can I share those messages.

The next piece that I’ve decided to focus on is motherhood. Having been a mom since age sixteen, surely I must have something to share. But what? What’s important, interesting and useful? Where should I begin? Perhaps with a scene. But, which one?

My overall feeling is that motherhood, and my children, are my biggest gifts. Yes, I might have made different life choices if not for unplanned pregnancies – like maybe to have children later in life or not at all. But now I have a team I can count, unbreakable bonds – even grandchildren. I wouldn’t change any of it.

And so it’s fitting that I write you now, as I’m in transition. I haven’t fully imagined my next stage yet (yes, I still have a day job), but my writing will play a key role in everything I do next. I’m good at it. My stories are worth it.

I’ve also been traveling – a lot. Gearing up for my fourth trip to Africa and my second trip to West Africa in a few weeks. And more. But I’ll write again soon.

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  1. It’s wonderful to see you post again. I look forward to reading about your upcoming vacation.



  2. Yeeees gurl as always show your gift ♥️

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  3. Yes, so great to see you posting again!


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