Gratitude Is An Everyday Thing – But Thank You!

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I was in the shower Tuesday night, and I could hear my daughter upstairs in her bedroom singing along to some tune playing on Amazon Music. I thought to myself “Wow, my daughter’s voice. My baby.” I’m weird like that, but I often hear my children’s voices and give thanks – because that means we are in each other’s presence. That’s a gift.

Other things I’m often appreciative of (the list isn’t exhaustive):

  • The Quiet Car. I ride in a designated quiet car (no talking above whispers) during a portion of my 4-hour daily commute (two hours each way). After driving in somewhat of a rush to catch a train in the morning (that I often miss!), I like that I can sit in solitude – and play on my phone, or read the occasional book, or doze off, etc. for about an hour going and coming – pretty much without distraction.
  • Heat. I heat my home with oil, and it gets pretty expensive – but look, I love being warm without having to bundle up too much indoors.
  • Warmth. Redundant? I love feeling warmth of the sun beating on my skin. Love IT. So, I’m thankful for beautiful beaches! Especially since submerging my body in water brings me into alignment. So soothing.
  • Family. I wrote about how your vibrational family (not necessarily blood related) can join you at any stage of your life; however, I grew up in a pretty large family on my mother’s side. We are all spread out now geographically, but still close energetically, and that’s evident when we see each another. I’ll include friends in this section too because some of us deem friends “the family we actually get to choose.” Worth appreciating, right?
  • My mother. Our relationship (when I was younger) was best described as turbulent and at times. But my mother is a constant in my life, and I can call her anytime and she’ll answer – happy to hear from me.
  • Daylight and clouds. I never tire of looking at cloud formations. The beauty of this planet is amazing.
  • Employment. I’ve been with the same company for eighteen years (!!!) and still appreciate the benefits. Things are always shifting, but the most important things remain constant. Paid time off allows me to travel and tend to work/ life balance.
  • Men. I’ll refer to you to this piece where I explained why and how I am a Man Lover. (I want to come back as a woman who still loves men in my next lifetime!)
  • Love. Arguably the best feeling in the world. Especially when I’m the one doing the loving – because that’s the only part I can ever control.
  • Anthropologie. Favorite place to shop. On many a afternoon, I go in there to get my life and my bearings. Even if I’m not buying anything, it’s a very soothing environment. The lighting, the plants, beautiful clothing and houseware… Soothing myself is essential to my well-being.

So I’ll give this a rest. As you can see, the simple things are everything.


Comment below with at least one thing you’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving 2017! Sound off!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I’m most thankful for my wife and boys. Best things to ever happen to me. 😊

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  2. It’s always great to practise gratitude. I myself am more thankful for cool weather, growing up in the tropics and all, and am always grateful whenever it rains. Thanks for this post!

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