I feel like writing today!

Perhaps my emotions are spilling over from an incident at the gym this morning. I have a stalker there. And this isn’t the first time. I hop out of bed at 5am, jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, and drive to the gym without even combing my hair! Apparently that’s attractive. (It actually does take a bit of effort. I kid not. Especially on cold mornings like this one.)

Here’s my Facebook post about the creep:

I have no intentions on engaging this guy. What makes men think this type of behavior is acceptable? The staring, the following me to different corners of the gym, the waiting near my car!!! All of it. He may have thought I’d be impressed by a badge, but nah. Creepy.

I’m getting nauseous again, so I’ll end this here.


Do you find this type of attention flattering? Have you ever had a stalker? How did you handle it? How do you like to be approached by people of the opposite sex, if at all?

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  1. To me, the fact that he’s a cop makes even more creepy. I don’t have a clue where this mindset comes from. I was taught to be respectful, not just to women mind you. I’d have told him to fuck off right then and there. If it continues, get the badge number and let his superiors know. Dudes like that are giving the rest of us a bad name, and I for one do not appreciate it.

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  2. Hell no. Police can be stalkers. I didn’t ask to know you so that’s some BS. I would have respected had he said something like “I saw you sitting here and wanted to know where you okay. Be safe ma’m”. Ugh!

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  3. Oh gosh that sounds so annoying! Hope it doesn’t make you want to avoid going to the gym :/ When I lived in Paris it was crazy. Men would shout out of windows at 7 am when I’m walking to work or talk to me at the grocery store, always asking me where I’m from, how original, what are you doing here all by yourself, would you give me your number… On the streets they would yell at me “smile a little!” as if my only purpose in life was to look pretty for random strangers. I started to dress down and it just really pissed me off in general. I could have been wearing my pj’s, they only cared because I’m naturally blonde (Scandinavian) and they thought blonde hair = promiscuous… (because locals are rarely naturally blonde and I guess in their minds if someone was blonde they must have dyed their hair because they wanted that kind of attention?) Ignorance and discrimination really. SIGH. Rant over!!!! Luckily back home no one gives me a second look coz everyone’s blonde and I just blend in 😀

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  4. Every woman can’t have that super magical approach by
    The man of their dreams. He could actually be a nice guy, perhaps his starring, & the displaying of his badge when he approached you was a bit corny, but a lot of happily married couples started with that person who they thought was annoying, or didn’t find appealing to the eye. I strongly disagree with the person who said to get his badge and report him to
    His superiors to intentionally hurt his career. Why would that be an option for finding you attractive?? You actually could be blocking your blessings if you don’t at least here him out. I’m not saying to give that guy a shot but, you never know where
    You’ll find your Prince Charming, it could actually be at the gym.

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    • hey! I wouldn’t report him at this point. did he scare the heck out of me? yes. is it creepy to manage his time so he can be near my car when I leave? yes! especially since it’s dark when I get to the gym and the sun is just coming up when I leave. I’ve never felt unsafe in that parking lot until today. he’s seen me inside the gym for months and his approach just wreaks of stalkerish behavior. there are people I see in the gym (I call them “the usual suspects” ironically. lol) and we are on a hi and bye basis. it becomes uncomfortable when people stare and position themselves near where you’re working out in the gym. a lot of men don’t know this, but it’s just not flattering.

      I agree with you on meeting people you think are unattractive and have no chance. I met a man like that and wound up in a relationship for 11 years. when it was over, he stalked me for a year and a half. i knew him and still had to warn him about it. it was getting ridiculous.


    • and of course i thought i was in danger. what’s the point of letting me know you’re a cop? seriously.


  5. Major creepiness!! Has he stopped following you around the gym?

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  7. Liked this post in particular because there are so many of them out there, and he needs to be outed. Plus, others need to know they’re not alone. Sure, he might be nice, but listen to your gut feeling. It’s there for a reason. Hope the situation cleared up now. Trying to impress with his badge (or letting you know he has power) is a huge red flag.


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