Getting Mad At a Lover: What Happens Next?

Is there anyone who pushes your buttons more than your lover?

What generally happens when you get upset with them? Perhaps for pesky, innate behavior… Or plain forgetfulness. (Or even things they do on purpose…)

It takes a ton of practice to recognize and embrace the fact that your partner is not responsible for your mood – because the onus is on you to control that. If you look for someone else to always buoy you up when you’re feeling funky, or to apologize when they know not what they do (or they just can’t help it), you’re in trouble and will likely be on an emotional roller coaster. Because people are fickle and moody and we waver sometimes.

So let’s take a poll! Feel free to write in an answer.

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  1. Hey darling! It’s a must that I write my very own response. I want my partner out of sight when I’m mad at him. He always walk away because he knows it’s a never ending story with me. Lol… 😂😂 Don’t get me wrong, I always consider hearing him out but if it doesn’t satisfy me, I’m going to continue to argue my point. I’m getting better at controlling it because I realize it’s not worth arguing about.

    To look on the bright side, I’m willing to try and understand why he feels a certain type of way but if I think it’s just crazy…. it’s on and popping. That’s just me because my husband train adult children in my eyes and sometimes he forget who he is dealing with.

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    • 😂😂😂😂😂 interesting! this makes me wonder how people’s professions affect personal relationships. what happens when we “take the job home.” it sounds like you two know what works for you and you’ve learned one another, which is great. thanks for chiming in!

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  2. This hit home because it happened last night and we spoke about a situation and his response annoyed me due to what I felt a lack of understanding of my point. As well as his insistence that he move forward with his idea/plan. So I pretty much shut down. I got quiet and reflective. My attitude changed for the rest of the night and seeing me like this his changed some as well. It did lead to an apology.

    In a number of instances one of us just needs to take a moment to reflect or gather ourselves in an argument. At times we are so caught up in making a point and getting that point understood, we forget this is out of our control and regardless of how well you explain the other party still has their own perspective, thoughts, plans, and ideas. This is where some sort of compromise needs to come into play. Working on this piece now. As well as retaining my peace instead of having my mood altered.

    Thanks for this post it was right on time.

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    • well thank you for reading. I’m glad the post resonated and I like how you eloquently summed up your situation. we will never be perfect, but I think if we can see ourselves more clearly, learn to regroup, and never lose sight of the love, we are good!


  3. My response used to be wait for him to apologize or do nothing but I’ve grown up lol. Now I try to see how I contributed to the mess. I’ve become very reflective in the last two years probably because I know we aren’t going anywhere and it makes no sense to waste time on pettiness.
    But if he really pisses me off, which doesn’t happen often, he usually apologizes and I can only be so mad.

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    • wow. I’ve become super reflective over the past two years too. being in an LDR contributed to my “growing up.” it always helps when you find peace that neither of you are going anywhere. and it’s good he rarely pisses you off. he knows you!


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