Who is Your Family? How?

photo courtesy of my Galaxy S7.

“Your vibrational family joins you at every stage of your life.”

I believe that to be true, and it ties right into the idea of “finding your tribe.”

In the past few years, I’ve found and reconnected with vibrational family near and far. Family bound by energy and shared wants and perspectives – driven by similar desires and a common excitement in expressing and obsessing over them.

I can be obsessive. When I hired someone to paint the exterior of my house last year, I painted huge splotches of paint on all four sides, in as many as nine shades of green. I settled on a dusty sage called Dried Thyme, by Sherwin Williams.

I entered a romantic relationship a few years ago and I journaled about small milestones (“12/15/2014 – first time he called me hun.”) – although I rarely go back and read any journaling.

And while this is more visionary and creative than obsessive, I hand write destinations on my vision board that hangs in my bedroom. I wrote Mozambique twice.

This family I’ve gathered – some of them like to write. My blogger friends – one of them I met up with for the first time in London last near and next we’re potentially road tripping in Ottawa. Some of whom I’ve never met, but no matter how long I’m away, they’re here to greet me when I come back.

A lot of my family are travelers. I’ve found my tribe all over the world, in places I haven’t ventured yet. (That sentence made me hella emotional.) We encourage one another to book flights! We share ideas on “things to do in XYZ” and lament about gathering our coins for when the next adventure rolls around. Or we daydream about foreign lands until we create the reality. Landing there in the flesh. Sometimes I try new foods with them (i.e. alligator tail).

I meet travelers at destinations too – a spanish-speaking Gambian living in Barcelona. A Detroit native living in Johannesburg. A Philly native in Paris – except we met up in Philly before she moved overseas.

And so I’m never alone.

Of course, I have blood relatives too. Shout out to the few who read this blog. And to my fitness family. Other long time family…

A few weeks ago, I went to the wedding of a friend I met when I was like thirteen, and we’d seen each other once since adolescence (in Durban, South Africa). We embraced at a concert in a crowd of at least several hundred, and I cried til my lashes fell off. We felt and recognized a connection. I aldo have 10 and 20 year friendships that haven’t faltered.

Have I rattled off on a tangent?

I say all this to affirm my belief and revel in the knowledge that I have a huge vibrational family (and I haven’t even scratched the surface here).

So anyway – hey family! Thank you for joining me and for reading and for helping to affect all kinds of shifts in my life. ❤


How do you define family and what does that mean to you? Have you made “family” with some who aren’t blood relatives (outside of circumstances like adoption)? What are your hobbies? How do you find people with similar interests to vibe with?

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  1. I don’t know why I got emotional reading this. I guess I’m still trying to find my tribe. I’m getting to know me all over again right now but I’m sure my time will come.

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  2. That’s so true! For once in my life I’m complete. That hole is filled. Let me not forget that feeling and continue to be grateful. I’m on a wonderful journey on a different path though. For once I know exactly what I want. Just trying to heighten my vibrations.
    Thank you for the reminder to appreciate.

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  3. I am loving all of this! I am an only girl child with 3 brothers. Always desired sisters. Currently in a space of engaging with persons of like minded goals, dreams, inner passions.. my tribe, my circle has certainly evolved that it almost scares me and excites me at the same time. Grateful for those who were foundational and remain, ever more grateful for the fresh new winds of growth on the horizon. Durban, South Africa (for the Essence festival) was a faint vision/dream, that the Creator used to bring me and you to the Mother Land to meet up after 25 plus years of absence. Crazy and right in order all at the same time! I am honored you would take the time to attend my nuptials also,.. ooh and were all too instrumental in me selecting Portugal to honeymoon. Your shares were invaluable.! Grateful and happy for this season Sis! The divine in me, salutes the divine in you SISTAR!! One glorious sister-love!

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  4. Wow, I like this. Your words are always so outside the box, so visual and meaningful. Your the BEST….

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  5. Thanks for the shout out! It’s funny how some of these thoughts crossed my mind a few days ago. We can be MIA for years and still come together just like it was yesterday. Blood family gives a different meaning. I feel like we would share more of our thoughts and feeling towards each other.

    I sit and think a lot about what it would be like to grow up around blood relatives. Just wondering would I feel different about traveling?. I feel like, if you don’t travel you’re missing out on life. There are different cultures, all types of food , lots of shopping and just connecting with the rest of the world PERIOD. Speaking of food, I told a family member that I was eating at bojangles. He said to me, “what kind of place is that?” That’s when I thought to myself, “was he joking?” But it took me back to my thoughts of traveling. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    I could write a book. We have reconnected!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • lol. too funny. you’re right. I did grow up with a big family. my maternal grandmother had over 30 grandkids and we were all close. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything and even now, when we see each other, it’s like we never skipped a beat. and we openly joke and laugh about any and everything.

      and then I talk about other things with people I’ve met through traveling, etc. I appreciate all these relationships, including you.


  6. That is so true! Through my time in the military, I became a part of a new family. We always looked out for each other. I actually ran into one recently.

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  7. I’m not very close to my biological family so I’ve always placed great weight on the role of friends in my life. I don’t think genetic similarity entitles you to my love or time. I try to find people who have a similar energy to me or similar interests. I have quite a large circle and try to spread my crazy out among all my friends. I don’t believe in best friends either – mostly due to previous betrayals but also just because I don’t ever invest everything in one person.

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  8. Your post was great and these comments from your followers are giving me life right now. My family used to be so close, but religion, distance, time and life has just about ruined it.
    I don’t have a lot of friends either but I do treasure the few I have and the ones I’ve accrued through travels. They along with my two sons and my husband have become my family.

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  9. I’ve stopped defining family, actually, and it seems to be for the same reason with which you initially began. I think wherever we are vibrationally, we will always attract different people, and consequently, different experiences. In this way, we create family as we go along.

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  10. The funny thing about vibrational / soul family is sometimes you’re not even friends. But these guys will push you harder than anyone has ever pushed you before. It’s hard to explain, but with soul family you just know.

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