Catch Me – I’m Falling For You

I may be extremely late to the party – to those of you who listen to R&B/ soul singer Leela James. I literally “discovered her” on Amazon Music the other day and fell in love with this song Fall For You.

Would you catch me if I fall for you? ‘Cause I’m falling. I’m falling. I’m falling. I’m so used to Standing. I’m so used to being on my own. But this thing is new, baby… It feels like I’m losing control.

The lyrics take me to a vulnerable place. I’m that strong, independent, multi-tasking woman who likes independence, freedom and space. I’m used to being on my own. Calling all my own shots. The song reminds me of the process of letting someone in – into my heart, my world, my space… And the old vibrational fears that they may not stay. Those stale ideas don’t haunt me so much anymore; however, we all have triggers…

If I give you my all, don’t let me fall. Would you do that for me? Hold me. Will you Love …Will you love me? My heart is ready. For love and to be loved. And I choose you…

I am not exaggerating when I tell you I ran this song back at least 100 times. That’s what happens when I fall in love with lyrics. It’s official. I’m going to her concert in New York City next weekend. Just like that! The song is from her album Fall For You.

Here we are, together
And everything between us is good
I’m right here in this cloud, baby
Ready to fly but before I take
Another step
Would you catch me if I fall for you?
‘Cause I’m falling
I’m falling, I’m falling
I’m so used to standing
So used to being on my own
But this thing is new, baby
It feels like I’m losing control
I’ll take another step
If you catch me when I fall for you
‘Cause I’m falling
I’m falling, I’m falling
Will you promise to be there?
Stay by my side always?
Whenever I need you
Don’t let me down, no, no
If I give you my all, don’t let me fall
Would you do that for me, hold me?
Will you love, will you love me?
My heart is ready
For love…


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16 replies

  1. A beautiful song, Shakiyla! Thanks for sharing it.


  2. I had to look her up, I’ve fallen so out of track music-wise! Liked her sound! Lyrics are really important to me, too 😊

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  3. This actually comes at a time when I’m busy falling for someone so the lyrics really resonate with me. Falling is so difficult. Everything’s always tainted by past experience.

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    • aww, so sweet to hear. but isn’t it really fun though?

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      • It’s also scary. Don’t want to be hurt again but the process of finding out about someone new is exciting. Actually went to high school with this lady but only been friends with her for the last 6 months or so…

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        • you can always set fear aside and focus on her good qualities and on building friendship? easier said than done because we all have old vibrations/ emotions that get triggered. have nothing to do with current person!

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          • Well I’m gonna give it my best. It’s also gonna be a long distance thing which will make things more trying. Think it’ll be fun though

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            • long distance can make things easier actually, as long as you don’t keep looking at the downsides and brooding over how much you miss the other person. communication is key so there’s video calling, messaging, etc, and on the upside – you get to do all the things you been doing as far as interests go. sometimes when we are “falling” we give up all of our routine, and certain things we do to find balance and start to rely on the other person for happiness. that never work. so keep yourself happy and busy and the happiness you feel with her is just “gravy” (an added bonus). often it’s the women placing pressure on men to keep us happy. embrace the distance for now.


  4. I LOVE Leela James. I “discovered” her randomly as well and this song definitely resonates!

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  5. Yep, you’re late to the party. LOL. I love this song by Leela James. I think that’s how I knew I was falling in love with Mr. C. This song is so raw and sexy and about love.

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