My Sunshine Has Come – A Reminder From My Son

Last night, my son was downstairs washing dishes (yes, by hand), playing tons of oldies from the 90s and early 2000’s.

Next thing, I heard Angie Stone’s No more Rain (In This Cloud).

I texted him: “Do you remember me playing that song when you were 2 or 3 years old?

His response: “Yea, this song gives me the most childhood memories.”

So odd, because I ran that album – it reminded me of how happy and relieved I was when his father left. I was scared at first. My son (he’s the youngest) was two months shy of his second birthday. I remember sitting on the couch rocking him in my arms and breastfeeding – crying real tears. I was scared. When Stone’s album Black Diamond came out in September 1999, he was two and a half. Imagine how many times I must have played it? I owned every insinuation in the song. There’s no more rain in this cloud.

That same year, I landed a job at a Bank (I still work there) after a friend urged me to apply. I never thought they would hire me because I assumed they must’ve wanted someone smarter. Well, they hired me – an inexperienced “temp.” And just like that, I no longer needed Medicaid or any form of public assistance.

This song gives me the most childhood memories.

A bit of nostalgia for me. Won’t song lyrics take you back to a time and place every time? Especially if you were at a pivotal moment in your life. I was a young mother with three small children – afraid – because I had to take care of them largely on my own. But when I tell you I bloomed like a sunflower in a matter of months???? Things turned around for me fairly quickly. His departure didn’t mark the end of my relationship drama with him – and he’s probably still mad, but my sunshine had come.

My kids are all grown now – and believe me when I tell you that I never looked back at that situation in any sort of longing or remorseful way. Good riddance. My son just reminded me of those times – with his “childhood memories” of the record.

In closing, when people leave – do consider it a gift. It’s all in how you frame it. I put on my big girl panties and kept trucking! People said “I don’t know how you do it.”


My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
And there’s no more rain in this cloud
My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
And there’s no more rain in this cloud
There’s no hiding place
When someone has hurt you
It’s written on your face, and it reads
“Broken spirit, lost and confused”
“Empty, scared, used and abused, a fool”
Oh, ain’t it funny that the way you feel
Shows on your face
(It’s written all over your face, yeah)
And the smile you used to wear
Seems a little bit out of place
(Tracks of your tears)
People oh, hold on
In time it gets a little better, whoa
My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
And there’s no more rain in this cloud

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5 replies

  1. Girl, I know the feeling. I still listen to that song. Keep your head up Queen, so the crown won’t fall.

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  2. Amen. You did what you needed to do! That’s all that matters!

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