Take a Ride That Thrills You

Take a ride that thrills you, or get beat up by the waves. You get to choose.

-Abraham Hicks


photo by me! Cape Town, South Africa

It’s a rare occasion that you’ll hear me complain about anything work related. I know exactly why I’m still here after a rewarding 17 year career, and I also know the very best is yet to come.

But today, I grumbled under my breath a bit. My co-worker asked what procedure  I was referring to and basically rolled his eyes.


I inquired about his response.

He said, “Well, what are you gonna do? Shit, or get off the can.”

And that will be my comeback when he goes on his rant tomorrow – even though he’s right. I can’t wait to say it!

Anyway, he reminded me how much I like the quote at the top! We really do get to choose. Quit complaining! (Note to self.)


That leads me to this question. Are you in your “dream job?” What would you be doing if you were? Do you feel you’re on your way to it? Since the best is yet to come, what does that look like for you?

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  1. Dream job? I think it can best be described as closer to a nightmare as of late. But, it pays the bills, so I don’t complain. 🙂

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  2. I enjoy my work, very much. I feel as though I make a difference in the lives of my patients, and it’s rewarding when they get better. But, dream job? No. My dream job would be one of three things: a photographer for Conde Naste, a relief pitcher for the Cubs, or a professional surfer. Since we’re dreamining and all. 😃


  3. Hey Cape Town, yayyyy South Africa. I think I’m on the way to my dream job. Got just under 8 months of school left then I’ll be able to make the transition from broke student. Also loving blogging. Eventual plan is to do the blog thing on a more permanent basis.

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    • sounds great. you do well at blogging. under 8 months? you’re in the home stretch! I want to blog more often as well. looking into possibly doing a podcast. but I’m finding that I don’t like listening to them so who will listen to mine?!

      re South Africa, I’m going to branch out more next time I’m there. Can’t wait.


  4. I don’t think I’m in my dream job. I have an amazing job that I love and am so thankful for, but I need a few more years to get my dream job. But, I always wonder if I get it will I like it after I have it.

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