What Does A Freak Do?

Ever heard the theory that men want “a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed?”

Surely, you have.

Well, I have a question. What exactly does a freak do that a non-freak (or plain vanilla partner) might not do?


Is it an attitude of being down for whatever? Allowing third parties into the experience? Performing certain sex acts?

Serious question. What’s your take on this theory? And if you’re a so-called freak (there’s really no such thing perhaps), what gives you an extra advantage, if anything? If you like partners that go the extra mile, what gives them pizzazz?? If you stick to the missionary position, are you less freaky?

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  1. From a males perspective, I don’t necessarily think it means doing anything over the top, like threesomes or bondage, stuff that’s “outta the norm”. But it’s sexy as hell to have a partner that really gets into it, truly enjoys sex, is not uptight. My wife is a good girl, in general. Dresses nice, a professional at her career, polite, a mom of three, etc. But when we’re in bed, she’s rocks. We’ve broken beds before! To look at her, ones first thought may not be that she’s awesome in the bedroom. But she is. To me, it’s a killer combo. I’m sure there are varying levels of freakdom though. 😃

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  2. LMAO. Great topic. I’ve been called a freak in the sheets and it is only because my belief is that it should be pleasurable for both of us. I’ve never done threesomes, orgies or anything like that, but to each his own. I use toys, food, wax, etc. I believe that it should be both physical and mental stimulation.

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  3. I think it just comes down to being, as Dan Savage put it, ‘GGG’ – Good in bed, Giving “equal time and equal pleasure” to your partner, and Game “for anything – within reason.”

    Pretty sure that’s enough to qualify you as a freak in the sheets. You just want someone who’s enjoying themselves at the end of the day! I don’t know how it would feel to sleep with someone more focused on the way their body looks, or whether it’s sinful, or any of those things than on what you’re actually doing. Not great, I imagine. I don’t think you need to whip out (hehe pun) the handcuffs and bondage rope to be considered a freak in the sheets. I think you just have to be a GGG lover.

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    • excellent perspective. it’s very pleasing to be with someone who is receptive, fun and enjoying themselves. that goes for all sexes. I actually heard from one guy that his experience dating professional models was displeasing because they were very focused on their looks during sex. interesting take, although most of us are or have been body conscious on some level. that’s what fascinates me about burlesque dancers who don’t fall into the spectrum of what a lot of people consider ideal (unrealistic) beauty. thanks for chiming in.

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  4. Girl, you just have to know what you are doing in the bedroom. That goes for both men and women. We are all considered freaks. Some of us just do a little extra. Seriously , I think there is a difference between being a freak and just being nasty.

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  5. Personally, I think it’s all about syncing rhythms between you and your partner. Sex is such a subjective thing so the definition of “freaky” can’t ever be truly pinned down. My personal definition of freaky is someone who feels free enough to have a good time and makes me have a good time. Sex is often such a hush-hush subject so when you reach that point where someone can be honest about their desires, it’s mind-blowing. That’s freaky for me, sharing those intimate thoughts and compromising to make them a reality. That freedom is freaky.

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  6. How did I miss this post??? More importantly- where are you? I hope all is well!

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