All Men Don’t Like It Bare

It always strikes me as odd when I talk to women friends who assume all men like a bare vagina. At the mention that some men either prefer hair down there or don’t care one way or the other, ladies respond “REALLY?” Uhh, yes. Different strokes for different folks.


Wasn’t it the norm to have a bush back in the days? Like, back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s? We know what people think are downsides – odor, hair in the teeth during cunnilingus (what side of the bed did I wake up on?), high costs, etc. And there are upsides. I guess one can appreciate the full beauty of the vulva sans hair? It feels less scratchy? My GYN doctor said waxing is somewhat healthy because it’s like exfoliating the skin – but he can’t understand why women (upwards of 80% of his patients) torture themselves like that. I almost added for the sake of pleasing men, but I don’t know that to be entirely true.

Bottom line, ladies. You might like shaving. Or waxing, or whatever, but don’t frown upon women who don’t. (And I know you don’t really care; I’m exaggerating because of the shocked responses I’ve gotten at the mention of different preferences.) My guess is that most men will enjoy it – bare, or with hair.


Do you agree or no? Have you had this conversation? If you’re reading this and you engage women as sexual partners, what do you think? Are bare vaginas more aesthetically pleasing? Have you pressured a woman to shave? Or to keep a natural bush?

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  1. My friends and I were actually having this exact conversation a few days ago. They all prefer their girls to be bare down there while I enjoy a little hair. Don’t grow an afro but some neat shrubbery looks great in my view. I’ve gone out with a few women and I think they all shaved or had a neat shrub, I think it’s the cultural ‘norm’ nowadays. I couldn’t care less. There’s more important things going on for me to care about hair at that moment.

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  2. A nice trim is sufficient, for me at least. Brazilian isn’t for me. That said, would I enjoy my wife any less depending on her pubic hair, or lack thereof? Nope. Not THAT big a deal either way to me.

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  3. Good question! I prefer to shave because I feel more refreshed. It’s just like shaving your arm pit hair. I feel more clean and sexy. Sometimes I may leave a nice landscape design at the top. During intercourse a man likes to look at what he’s working with and he can’t see it with a bush.πŸ˜‚ Just my thoughts I

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  4. I prefer bare because it just feels sexier to me and that’s ultimately what matters the most. However, the times that I’ve been a little lax or didn’t feel like torturing myself, I received no complaints about a little hair.

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  5. Clean shaven or a little well trimmed hair is fine for me,
    As long as she took the time to pretty things up, I’m good!!
    I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna say, huh? You’re not well trimmed
    I’m outta here.

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  6. I shave mine, keeping it at a low trim. It has become my preference. I want to try waxing one day, but I can barely take waxing my eyebrows! My husband says he doesn’t really care, but he likes a low trim. I didn’t start cutting / shaving down there until I got married. I do remember one guy I dated, prior to my husband, acting surprised I had a bush down there. I just didn’t think much of it back then.

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  7. I prefer some amount of hair down there.

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  8. It seems a lot of men enjoy it bare but there are still a lot of guys that don’t care either way. First and foremost ladies, you should be doing what YOU like best.

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  9. Interesting topic. I keep it clean and neat but don’t go bare. I’ve never gone bare and I feel uncomfortable with men who prefer it because I was sexually abused as a child and wonder do they want a little girl. I know it’s crazy and trust it’s one of the many issues I’m working on in therapy but I don’t go all the way bare. I told this to Mr. C when we started dating because he preferred it bare, but he said he respected my reason and didn’t have a problem with hair. Whatever you want to do is personal decision for your vagina and not to please a man.

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  10. I would despise a man if he insisted on it, so it’s a good bastard test! πŸ˜‰

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  11. I have this conversation every day with men. I’d say most aren’t that bothered. Obviously those who watch to much porn tjink women should be bald! But mainly guys prefer hair

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  12. I like bare or tidy. 😊

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  13. Still waiting πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

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  14. For me it’s all good ad long as personal hygiene is observed.. but an Afro down there is a no no

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