Working the Kinks Out


It’s easy to look at someone else and find fault with them, or summize that they have “issues” because they won’t act right – or behave in ways that please you.

But there’s also a lot of value in stopping to look at yourself and the role you play in attracting people and their behaviors. (Chances are, it’s not all them.)

Not only that, it’s highly plausible that you may have some kinks to work out too – before you’re ready for what you want. This not only goes for relationships – it goes for the house, the car, or any thing you want to manifest.

Are you ready? Or are there some things (maybe even some trials or tribulations) you have to go through before you let go of resistance and let your desires flow in?

Conflict, or not getting your way immediately isn’t a bad thing. It’s oftentimes a gift – a chance to work your kinks out and begin anew.

The trick is to find a way to be happy in the meantime. On your way to what you want, and while you’re expanding. Expansion is ongoing.

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