Used To, But Now I Know Better


I used to want people to tell me what was on their minds. Didn’t return my call? Why? Is there a riff between us? Why? Tell me what you think. Tell me your opinion on this or that. Express your feelings. Why be meek and shy about it? Oh, and please don’t talk to me in riddles. I hate that shit. Rather than talk in circles, or avoid questions and conversations altogether, be frank and upfront with me. Let’s have a discussion. I’ve been told by friends (and my daughter) that I’m bossy!

I’m a bit of a forward person, but I don’t care so much anymore. No one owes me an explanation for their feelings or an expressed opinion on any subject. Need time? Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Don’t wanna talk? Cool with me!

How you feel is more important than what anyone thinks about your ability to express your emotions, or have a conversation you’re not ready to have. Or show up to things you just don’t want to show up for – mentally or physically!

I’m so good with this now. And so much happier – because I just don’t care. It’s like an epiphany. Happiness is in loving folks anyway, regardless of conditions – whether you talk them through or not. Things are unfolding perfectly whether you have tangible evidence – or the right words at the right time. And I’m much more in alignment with who I am in the clarity of this stance.

At the moment, I feel so in love for the sake of being in love – with life, and all that’s unfolding whether I see it or not! I’m content.

Wanna know something else? I was kinda forced into this stance by someone who refused to conform to my demands. And it’s unbelievably freeing. I just never imagined. This is love. And one of my biggest blessings.

I used to care so much about things that seem trivial now. But – I get more results via energy and alignment than I do with words an actions. Things are always moving – even when you can’t see or hear them.


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  1. I agree. I’m all ears if someone needs to express or voice their feelings, but other than that, I’m not prying.

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  2. So true. I recently discovered this in therapy. You learned it for free. LOL. But, there is freedom in being cool with your choices and not caring what others think. Welcome back!

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