Have Children, Will Travel


I keep seeing this meme floating around in travel groups on Facebook. Well – I saw it twice already, and loads of women chime in “Yes, girl!!! That’s what I’m saying!! I’m heading to Turks and Caicos (or insert wherever) right now!”

That’s great. If you are young (or older, by whatever gauge you use) and you are childless, and that’s a huge benefit to you and your lust for travel, that’s all good and well.

There’s no one way to do life though (and they may not be insinuating there is), and I for one, am happy I had my kids when I was younger (I mean like, by the time I was 25) because I’m still youthful and I now have the means to take lengthier trips here and there. I also have three grown children who let me know often how much they appreciate and adore me. In the full circle moments – and they come swiftly and often anytime I engage with them or look back on my life and think about the sacrifices I’ve made – I realize over and over again that it was all worth it.

I still went away – traveling internationally with my kids and or with friends/ family. Stateside trips, and the like. Other times, I chose not to leave them in other people’s care (not even when I had the opportunity to travel to faraway places like Brazil and Argentina on my employer’s dime) so I stayed home – against the advice of people who told me they’d be just fine, with me being away for weeks. Because I found that balance, we all have a tight bond.

I know having children at an early age (I did at 16, and I don’t encourage that), or at any age, can definitely slow your roll; however, it’s a limited mindset that sees the proposition as an either/or (I can either travel or have children), unless you don’t have the means financially or you just don’t want to be bothered with children at your juncture in life. Cool. Brag on.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Have children now, later, or never – and you can still get to do all the things you want to in life. Things will still unfold. Desires can still be met. I am living proof of that. I can and will have it all. It starts in the mind though.

What would I encourage my children to do?

Live all you want to. Enjoy your talents and hobbies and passions and gain your footing. Seize opportunities that make you happy and be responsible. Travel if/ when you’re able to if you desire that.

I’ve been a better example to them than anyone else. No worries.

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  1. I agree – there’s no right or wrong way to do it. I’ve taken my kids on vacation, notably Disney, that didn’t turn out to be a vacation for me at all. 🙂

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  2. This reminds me of a scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’. One of the characters explains that her and her partner don’t want to have kids because with kids you can’t “have sex on the kitchen floor whenever you want or travel to Rome spur of the minute”. Long story short she breaks up with the guy because she says they don’t have kids but they never do any of that stuff. I think that ties into your point nicely – kids don’t stop you from doing certain things, you do.

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  3. Always about balance…

    Things change when you have kids, yes. But you still have a life. It’s what you make of it. Isn’t that always the case? I traveled and did fun things… and continue to do so. With or without the kids. I’d like to think I’m fun whether or not I’m a mom. 🙂

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  4. Yes. We’re taking the little one to Vegas. I can’t wait to blog about this adventure. It was something I never would have thought to until I saw how much fun little ones were having. I don’t like that meme.

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  5. I found traveling was even better with kids. I started traveling at a slower pace, visiting small little-known museums, taking time to just enjoy things. Tokyo and Paris became soooo much better for me once I discovered them again with my children. 🙂

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    • That’s very sweet. Every once in a while I mention the fat chance of having another baby (when I say fat I mean less than a tenth of a percent maybe!). And the first thing people say is generally “but you won’t be able to travel!” I see people traveling with kids a lot, especially in Europe. Family holidays.

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