Does It Really Matter…?

I really enjoyed the comments on this – so I’m reblogging! (Adult content!)

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  1. I would like for him to be circumcised. If he’s not, that would be okay too. I’m not sure if I would want to discuss it prior to that stage in our relationship. For one, I don’t want to talk about us doing that, I just want it to happen.

    When I discover that extra skin, we will discuss it. I wouldn’t let that ruin my relationship. No one man is the same.😜

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  2. I never came across one until moving to Europe. I had a guy apologise for not being circumsized during the deed, but I had no clue! My preference is clean and disease free as I’m sure all would be but beyond that not sure it really matters. They aren’t the prettiest looking parts of a man (in my opnion) so it doesn’t really matter to me. I’d expect us to talk about it when the topic comes up if needed, but before. Unless he said something before then I guess we could talk about it.

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