200 Posts on My Blog! (A Milestone)

What a coincidence! I put up a post a little while ago (Natural Progressions in Relationships | Do What’s Right For You) about milestones, and shortly thereafter, I received notification that I’d reached a blogging milestone.


200 posts.

And I have 139 unfinished posts in my draft folder. Articles I started but never finished (thoughts and ideas are fleeting at times). Notes to self, notes about dreams, rants that never made it to the light of day, etc.

The crazy thing is, the title of my last post (Natural Progressions in Relationships…) summarizes what I’ve been writing about here for the past few years. I shared dating stories, and let you in on my growth process via relationships. I wrote about writing, and why I do it. Let you in on my struggles with finding balance between over sharing and being too vague.

Little did I know, in some ways, I was finding my way back to my self after an eleven year relationship and decades of focusing mostly on being a mother. OMG, the blog serves a purpose! And now I’m at a point that I know what feels right for me, and I’m doing that. There’s a lot that I left out about this journey back to my self (Of course. So much goes on behind the scenes), and I’m still evolving, but here we are. (Blah, blah…)

I’ll get back to some of those other ideas eventually. Or not.

But in the meantime, thank you for reading!

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4 replies

  1. Congrats! Please get around to sharing those other 139 posts. Love reading your work and looking forward to reading more.


  2. Congrats Queen! Looking forward to reading more!

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