Lemonade? No – Thank You!

Prince, and details surrounding his life, artistry (genius, really), and death are still trending on social media since word of his passing six days ago. Much of the world is still in mourning. I have to say I’m inspired by how much his light and gifts touched so many people (myself included), leaving an indelible imprint, and by how he stayed in that element – doing what he loved, til the very end. I’d like to be a smidgen of the artist he was.


Another trending topic this week is Beyoncé’s Lemonade, her second visual album, which I read described as [a masterpiece that] “dealt with the stages of grief, defiance, and rebuilding a woman goes through who is cheated on.”

One of my friends told me “the videos are interwoven with poetry and the visual effects are really good. I see she got a lot of inspiration from African and southern culture.” (Definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy. She and I are usually on the same page with music projects we love.)

I haven’t seen the one-hour special on HBO yet. First, I was in Ohio last weekend for a family function when it premiered.

And second, I’m just not interested in going on that journey with Bey (and millions of other women and writers who are listening to  watching and dissecting her project right now.) I’ve never been cheated on to my knowledge, and I’m just not buying the hype or working myself into a frenzy bantering about its devastating after effects. No thank you.

I saw snippets of the Rachel Roy beef in Instagram. There’s speculation that Beyoncé referenced Roy as her husband’s side chick in the song “Sorry.” (I saw that video on Facebook by the way, and Serena Williams is the best thing popping. Seeing her twerking ain’t bad all. #bodygoals) Subsequently, Roy released this statement, denying any connection to the slander.

Sorry I can’t add anything mind-blowing to the discussion about Lemonade, or speculate on the status of Beyoncé’s and her husband’s relationship. And maybe I’m in the minority of people who just don’t care to welcome the full-on project into my vibration right now, but so be it.

I’m more interested in triumphant love stories at the moment, and perhaps in some ways, the story she’s telling is just that. They’re still married after all, although I have no clue as to whether Jay-Z cheated with a woman with “good hair.” This all feels a bit gimmicky and well-timed for effect. No?

I still appreciate Bey’s artistry and body of work because she’s an undeniable talent. I’ll still support her music if I like it, and still go to her concerts as I’ve done in the past. Live entertainment is one of my favorite things ever.

For now, I’m in a different space, focused on attracting the very best from my relationships. I really haven’t even been listening to Adele, who you know is one of my faves. I get to pick and choose where I invest my energy and I’m being selfish about it.

Can you relate? Am I missing something with Lemonade? Am I being hasty? If so, do tell. Is this something I need to experience immediately? Do you find it helpful to listen to male bashing music? (I do. Sometimes. Everything has its place!) What about misogynistic lyrics?

Thoughts on Prince are welcome as well. I’ve been wanting to share the space I’ve been in over his transitioning, but haven’t gotten around to it.

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  1. I like how you said your opinion but in a gentle way- understanding that some may have another opinion on the matter. I however, have the same as you:)

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  2. Great post! I think Prince’s death had the biggest impact on me last week. His death brought a host of childhood memories with loved ones that have since passed. Prince’s music (along with other artists) provided the themes to accompany those memories. Like you, I can appreciate what Beyone (and Adele) provides in the way of music and entertainment. However, I don’t feel the need to add my voice to the cacophony of voices singing her praises for the latest project. Primarily because it’s more of the same. She has a formula that works and I appreciate it. But I’m currently in a different space I suppose.

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    • I agree with everything you said here. I feel a loss with Prince. And somehow it’s different than what I felt with Whitney and Michael although I can’t fully explain it. Whitney felt like losing a cousin. With Michael, I was sad over the injustice and blatant abuse of medical privilege, and of his struggle. With Prince, it’s like a shining, bright light left the earth and shifted the energy of the world. Maybe it’s just me, and spiritual practices of late.

      Re Beyoncé, I’m surprised to hear two people so far (you included) – actually three, including my daughter, who share the same sentiments. It does feel really formulaic. Thank you!


  3. I don’t get the hype about her or many other artists. Not my thing. I can appreciate she is a thing for other people but…not for me.


    • I’ve always liked her, but as of late, I feel there’s just over saturation with her (and a few others). She’s a great artist and she works extremely hard, which is apparent. But like you said, she ain’t for everybody. 🙂


  4. I feel you. It kinda overshadowed prince a little I feel. She did a great job tho. I love the art and the poetry. I think it was her therapy if its not all a marketing gimmick. The rumors surrounding it is just messy but then again I like celebrity gossip that’s my guilty pleasure. Check it out later when all the hype and rumors fade. Warning: its kinda dark and gloomy but a great piece of art.

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  5. I am not to find of Bey. Although she has an impact on most females especially in the inner cities. I’ve noticed some people like the Bonnie and Clyde role they play. But why make a album bashing…then in the end forgive and still stay. She is a confused woman who wants females to accept a man infidelities. I haven’t watched it and is not going to watch it.
    About prince I am very sad that another person has died from the likes of prescription abuse. These physicians need there license provoked if they happy to make someone happy by keep prescribing narcotics drugs that’s killing us off.
    I am sorry all this is just my opinion.


    • Thanks for chiming in! Yea over the course of the day, I’ve seen a lot of women say they can relate to the process of hurt and forgiveness that Bey is talking about. I’m still not ready to sit and watch it from beginning to end and appreciate it yet. I hear it’s a powerful project. I’ll get to it one day.


    • Regarding Prince, I’ll see what toxicology reports say. I’m just really in awe of how bright his light is, and how much of impact he had on so many people that we never knew about until now. Amazing.


  6. I have not watched Lemonade either. I am not really a Beyonce fan, which is why I am in no rush to watch it. However, based on all of the reviews and praise, it makes me curious to see what all the hype is about. I do think she is very talented, and I’ve enjoyed watching her performances on award shows (never bought an album). Although, I did feel the need to buy the “Get Me Bodied” single to workout to :-).

    As for Prince, I am also amazed at everything he was a part of, or did without the public really knowing. He was so mysterious. So, it is nice to hear other peoples’ personal experiences with him. I watched a few interviews of him over the weekend. I find it interesting that a common thing among people who are sharing their experiences of Prince, is they all say how much of a comedian he was. Bright light indeed and one of a kind.

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    • Re Prince, I picked up on that too. A lot of people said the same of Michael Jackson – he was a comedian and enjoyed playing pranks.

      Re Beyoncé, I think I’ve bought every album she’s put out so far. I would probably buy Lemonade too if the CD was available in stores. Once I was told I had to download Tidal, it was pretty much a rap for me! It’s on iTunes now, but I’m in no rush. Idk. I’ll just be late to the party!

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    • And Get Me Bodied is my favorite Beyoncé video. Still. Lol. She’s great to work out to.

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  7. Yep, I’m with you. I’ve been cheated on, but I don’t have time to worry about the controversy of someone else’s life. Could be a political stunt, but there are more important things to worry about right?

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  8. I’m not apart of the Bee-hive, I don’t believe she is an exceptional artist or is as talented as artists of the past. I can say that this album, the songs pushed on us do resinate with me after a bad break up. Now Prince! I love me some Prince and watch Purple Rain religiously. I understand your gripe though and can appreciate your point of view.

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    • Thanks for chiming in. I think when it’s all said and done, Beyonce will be considered a legend. I’ve been to at least four of her concerts and it’s been great every time (except for the On the Run tour, which felt very aggressive). Prince is irreplaceable .

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