Unconditional Love – Doesn’t It Start with Love of Self?


What’s been going on lately?

I feel like I’m chugging along, having revelation after revelation about myself and like sharing it all would sound absolutely crazy. It would.

You know how you go through all this growth and then look back a year or two, or five, or even ten years later and you’re able to summarize how you’ve changed and outline who and what the catalysts were?

Well yea, the beauty is that it doesn’t take me years anymore, although just a day can seem like an eternity. Right?

Ever been in a new relationship where you talked and talked to that person like all the time, never missing a day for months on end? And then the first time you didn’t hear from them, you fell off your rocker? No? Only me? I’ve been there.

I’m almost getting sidetracked about what I wanted to say – oh, yeah – I was explaining how a day can feel like an eternity. Same goes for if you’ve ever had a missing child. Five minutes could feel like forever.

Anyway, when you’re in a sea of change, or major shifts in consciousness, it can make you feel nutty – like you’re on a roller coaster ride. Like you’re having wobbles in your vibration/ energy.

And I’m distracted again.

Overall, I’ve noticed some practiced ways of thinking and being that hadn’t been conducive to building thriving relationships. Old beliefs will show up from time to time, naturally (the biggest one a lot of us learn early on is that we are somehow unworthy). I wrestle them to the ground and keep it moving!

Really though, I’m thinking a lot about relationship journeys, and I have a few interviews lined up with women who’ve been married 12 years or longer. I’ll post them here. I’m interested in growth catalysts, and the fine glue that holds their spirits and marriages together.

As far as the relationship journey that I’m on, I’m nurturing my relationship with Self more so than anything, and that has led to a deeper appreciation and a more unconditional love for this gorgeous man (LB). And the more I support him in all he needs to do, the more I receive the gift of expansion (within myself). The more I’m consciously raising my own vibration, the more I love… you get it. 🙂

I warned you that I’d sound like I’m rambling right?! Forgive me?

I hope you are well. Thanks for reading!

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12 replies

  1. I agree in theory, but I haven’t been able to get there myself. There’s so much emotional noise presently, and not all mine, that it makes it difficult to do anything other than maintain the status quo.

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  2. I used to think that loving myself too much would make me selfish. But now that I’m 42 I realize the best thing I can do for myself and others is to love me first. This revelation has opened my eyes in completely different way. I see the world clearer and I approve the small things even more. I’m more grateful and also more loving. Can’t wait to read these interviews. Enjoy the roller coaster ride 😉

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    • Awww so glad you chimed in and happy you made that connection. The little things help so much – like a hot bath with candles, 30 minutes of meditation, a training session in the gym, dancing around the house… lol. Bigger things like travel are AH-MAZING as well. Best wishes!


  3. I love this. Growth catalysts. Can’t wait to read and welcome back.

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