Writing About My Children – I Never Have

Of course my kids’ stories aren’t mine to tell. That will never be my mission because I am a fierce protector of those I love.


But lately, I’m writing a bit more from a “Mommy perspective,” which I haven’t done much in the past. I was busy mothering, and working full time, and simultaneously going to school full time for many years. Plus I was working out, managing a household, and a relationship, etc.

Now I’m an empty nester. I suspect my two college kids will be working and living on campus this coming summer. And my eldest moved out over six years ago. He’s 25.

So why am I posting Facebook status updates about my children as of late? I suppose I’m having a lot of full circle moments. In many areas – not only parenthood. I recognize them all as they come up, and I’m constantly offering little prayers of thanks and appreciation, and jotting down notes….

And as I write this, I’m getting these annoying pop – ups on my phone from my daughter about doing my taxes, and filling out the FAFSA, etc.

Just when I was about to let my rose – colored glasses rest on my nose for a bit.

My job as a mother isn’t done. I’m fielding calls and messages from three “kids” every day, but the fact that they are trying to get it right, and that I have a close relationship with all of them means my sacrifices weren’t in vain. I was over protective – but not leaving them – for extended business trips, vacations, for love interests, etc. was the right thing to do.

It feels great knowing that no matter what, three people love me and they cheer for me consistently. They are and have always been my constants.

So it’s with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation that I write. And now I have to answer my daughter’s message! Ugh!

I feel like having children (albeit when I was very young) has grounded me. I grew up in a violent household in a violent neighborhood, which I likely would have escaped anyway, but I had even more of a reason to be still and be responsible. And I’ve never felt like I missed out on anything.

Of course, at 16, I was deathly afraid without the benefit of experience.

Now? I’d like to travel! And write. Relax.


What kinds of full circle moments have you had lately? If you’re a parent, are you looking forward to the day your kids are grown? What do you think will be the most rewarding part? If you have yet to become a parent, how do you imagine parenthood will change your life? If you haven’t had children, what makes you feel most grounded in life? Empty nesters, do chime in!

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  1. I’ve two young kids and I dread the day they get older and move out. Right now I love the fact I know where they are and who they’re with but I get into nervous states thinking about when they’re out in the world and I can’t protect them. I want to try raise them to be as independent as they can and to be able to take care of themselves if I’m not around ☺

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    • hi. i completely understand! when my oldest one left home, I was a nervous wreck. i could barely eat or think straight. didn’t feel he was ready at all, but maybe the more overprotective we are, the more they want to go and find out everything on their own, without us complaining or being overbearing. like everything, it’s a delicate balance. i do miss when they were small. i was just looking into foster parenting a few minutes ago. I also like being able to just get up and go though!!

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