Leap Year! Oh, Baby!

Twenty years ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy. I named him Malik. In leap years, he’s really five. I’ve always kept his birthday on February 28th based on the logic that he was born on the last day of February, so I’m honoring his birth day in his birth month!

But every year, his paternal grandmother calls on March first with birthday wishes. And so do a couple of others. And hey, a two day celebration is good anyway, right? Especially considering the real birth day comes once every four years.

Anyway, I’m excited for my son’s birthday, and for all the magic he is creating and will create. He’s a photography major in college, and a polished dancer, choreographer, and so much more.

Here’s a video of him dancing, for your viewing pleasure.

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8 replies

  1. Happy Birthday wishes to your son! The video is amazing.


  2. Happy birthday to him! He’s awesome!

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  3. Aww Happy Birthday to your son Malik! He’s so talented. I wonder if he could teach my 7 year old son how to dance? LOL. My baby just informed me that he’s dancing in the talent show at school next week. He has no rhythm.

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