30 Days! | Vegan Dreams Come True?


Only my sister could hype me up to let go of my chicken!

Well, I lie. I had this trainer some years back – actually he was 13 years my junior and fine as hell. We dated loosely for about half a year, and I was low key devastated when the affair ended. I would go on but that’s not what this story is about! He convinced me to give up meat and coffee and we trained super hard several times a week – mostly calisthenics and plyometrics. I lost 40 pounds (on top of the 20 I lost prior to meeting him). Yea me!

So about five months ago, I started this pinterest board:

Not only was I trying to give up meat! I wanted to try a VEGAN diet. Mehh.

But what would that mean for my almost daily habit of hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar? Just one cup before my morning commute. And what of my daily lunch – spring mix (greens) with chicken breast, avocado, dried cranberries, walnuts, and low calorie “skinny” vinaigrette?

It would mean change. And thinking outside of the box to get the right mix of protein at every meal. (All six meals, every day.) Bleh.

My sister’s been on it for a while. Unsure how long she’s going for, but I’m committing to 30 days!

Today is day one. I don’t know what I’m going to do on date nights. (Sigh.)

Will this be worth it? We shall see! I’m hoping to lose a few pounds for my upcoming boudoir photo shoot, and to feel lighter and healthier overall.

Have you ever gone vegan? How was the experience? Thought about it? Any idea of the pros and cons outside the norm? Any favorite vegan recipes or resources?

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  1. Best of luck to you, Shakiyla. I’m only on day two of a smoothie cleanse and my pets are looking scrumptious right now. I hope that the vegan month goes well for you!

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  2. I once went vegan for a few weeks cause the girl I was dating at the time convinced me too. She wanted to lose weight and I wanted to continue having a relationship (aka sex) with her. Don’t think I stuck with it long enough to see any major changes but I remember it being a pain. EVERYTHING has animal products and all the vegan products were a bit of a stretch for my student budget. I would be keen to do it again just to get back into optimal shape. Good luck with your upcoming change. Hope you get everything you want from it.

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    • Lol. I love this story. Things you do for a “relationship.” Haha. You’re right. I went to the health food store yesterday and spent $76 on two shopping bags of grocery! I’m gonna start making soups that last a couple days! And my own snacks. Even walnuts are $15 a pound. I can do it though. My goal is to be 80/20 vegan even after 30 days. The things I love to eat often make me feel sick. Good luck when you try again!

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  3. I’m not vegan but we do make vegan dishes. I do have a easy vegan cookie for you. All you need is walnuts, dates, flax seeds and a good dark chocolate. Blend the walnuts in the food processor until it gets a flour consistency. Add the dates and blend. Mix flax seed and water into a paste and add that into the walnut mixture. Add the pieces of chocolate and bake. Mad good. If you make these you will love them.

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  4. I am sorry but I just love my meats! When I was in Ethiopia, in the village, we kinda had a vegan diet but I would always go searching for meat (beef, chicken, lamb…something) every so often. Power to you, girl!

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