Emotions Running High


It’s gratitude.

LB came bearing gifts.
The gift of expansion.
The gift of time and space.
The gift of patience.

I can only appreciate all of that by looking at my “self,” and how I’ve shifted certain perspectives.

I’m also grateful that everywhere I turn, I find little nuggets (in advisors, friends, yoga teachers, strangers, Pinterest quotes….) that remind me to stay grounded. Because it’s really all about “me” and the vibration I bring to any situation. My brother says that I am a “universe within a multi – verse.” (He’s so deep sometimes. Lol.)

Anyway, this is where my thoughts are on this Friday morning. There’s a major shift happening. I’m so thankful.

What are you thankful for this morning? Isn’t it important to have an attitude of gratitude?

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  1. .I’m thankful for progress and the fact that almost nothing lasts forever. I’ve had times that I never thought I’d escape and moments that I hoped would never end; but eventually everything burns and you get to move on (whether you want to or not). I’m thankful that I can because I never thought I would.


  2. I can say that I’m thankful that I still have a spouse. To be honest if I didn’t, I’ll be single the rest of my life. Whew….got that off my chest. Let me explain….people change, and my tolerance for the b.s. is at a minimum. I have learned to live and be happy with the way I’m living. Just a thought.😉 Hey, that was my mood on Friday!😂

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