Don’t Read Too Much Into It

If you know me, you know I love a good song where the lyrics move me and make me think “I wish I had written that!”


I also love a good concert. Live entertainment is absolutely one of my favorite things. Actually, my daughter and I are going to see Erykah Badu in concert soon. And some of my most favorite albums ever – in no particular order are:

  • My Life (Mary J. Blige) 1994
  • The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Lauryn Hill) 1997
  • 21 (Adele) 2011
  • Live Album (Erykah Badu) 1997
  • ‘4’ (Beyoncé) 2011
  • Soul of a Woman (Kelly Price) 1998
  • Unleash the Dragon (Sisqo) 1999
  • Butterfly (Mariah Carey) 1997
  • Erykah Badu Live (Erykah Badu) 1997
  • Words and Songs Vol. 1 (Jill Scott) 2000

I can run any of these albums from front to back today and still be content with them.

And of course, if you saw my last post about Adele’s new song ‘Hello,’ you know that I stan for her and I’m anticipating her new album due out November 20, 2015. Me and the million plus people who downloaded the song the same day it debuted. Me and all the people in the 88+ countries who made hers the number one song in the world.

So what would you glean from my life based on the ten albums I listed?

I really enjoyed these too:

  • The Breakthrough (Mary J. Blige) 2005
  • BLACKsummer’snight (Maxwell) 2009
  • Confessions (Usher) 2004

What else can you tell?

I admit that I’ve shared a lot on this blog. Or have I? But for someone to read into my life based on songs I like (and have the audacity to tell me your conclusions about me without invitation) is off putting. And I have to admit, hurtful.

But hey, I put myself out there.

We are all guilty of reading into things – with celebrities, with our neighbors, etc. I raise my hand high. And even though I wouldn’t be brazen enough to read someone what I think is their life, I’ll be more careful.

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  1. Who would make that association? I like Rob Zombie, but it doesn’t make me a homicidal killer. I like Nat King Cole, too. Don’t mind if I mention that I like Weezer a lot, and Frank Turner. Maybe one can read into my choices is that I have a multiple personality disorder. Or perhaps one can read into it that I just like different kinds of music and there’s nothing to see here. 🙂

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