Baby Fever

The craziest thing happened to me in Cleveland this weekend! I secretly fell in love with my cousin’s friend’s son. He’s 3 years old and rambunctious. Full of wonderment and questions – and of course, very active! So, so cute.

I never said a word to him because he was busy running around being a boy.

Honestly, I had a case of baby fever! My kids are grown now. I’m an empty nester. In the interest of being transparent with you, I spent part of my weekend picturing what it would be like to have another baby boy. Like, giving birth. Conceiving him (probably the most fun part. Lol.), holding him! Please tell me this is a phase. It’s just all part of the initial stages of empty nest syndrome.


Of course there’s only a small window of time left for me to do this. I’m not trying to pull a Halle Berry.

Also, I had three children already! Natural birth. Unmarried. The struggle was real at times. Wouldn’t trade them for anything because they’re the three constants in my life no matter what. They ride with me, cheer for me, pick up the phone when I call – and understand me better than anyone.

Oh, the mother of the cute three year old advised me to adopt a child. And she’s right. Plenty of children in this world need caring, nurturing parents. Key word because as the Universe is aware, I want a life partner.

Is anyone thinking I’m nuts yet? I’m just beginning to travel more. I have six trips planned for 2016 (four international)! I can come and go as I please with no babysitting worries (or astronomical childcare costs). I’m free!

The body is ready to have babies. Nature wants it done then, when the body can handle it, not after 40, when the income can handle it.
-Toni Morrison

Did I start this off wanting a baby? I wrote about this same feeling back in 2013, although my urge wasn’t as strong.

One more confession: I’ve had recurring baby dreams for about six months now. Nurturing them, holding them. I think they either signify me nurturing a younger version of myself, or me nurturing my dreams.

Solution: I’m a new mentor! I’ll be helping an elementary school child out with reading and literacy once a week for next six months. This is a precursor to my plans to teach literacy in Ghana next year. You read it here first.


Would you start baby making all over again if you had three grown children and were perfectly healthy enough to do so? Have you ever experienced empty next syndrome? If so, what were the stages? Have you or someone you know adopted a child? What was the experience like? Anything else about this piece resonated with you?

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  1. I think that my answer would be no, but I suppose that changes in my life might change my mind. I think that my child rearing days are nearly over, with 13 year old twins and a 16 year old. I think that, based on the talk back teenagers are prone to give, that any notion of having another one track up behind them has dissipated for good. đŸ˜€ I loved them dearly, but I’m also fatigued by them at time. I think the good Lord has given me patience for three and no more.


    • Lol. This made me laugh out loud. Boy do I know how teenagers talk back! I woke up this morning and changed my mind. Because the dog (that I got for my youngest son who is now in college) still destroys things in the house and I have to walk her! Ugh! Oh and when I go away, I have to pay for dog care. I think that’s enough for me right now. Reality check.



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