What Are You Looking For? —A Lovesong

A year before I met LB, I was very specific about what I wanted in a relationship… Should we settle for decent? Or hold out for amazing?

My Female Persuasion


I like a man who can take charge and be honest with me about what he’s looking for – in a woman,  in a potential relationship, etc. I like to know his intentions.

Just last night, I asked someone “What are you looking for?” We’re gonna have conversation tonight, but I got to thinking: “What am I looking for?”

Here’s what I came up with on the fly:

Someone to compliment my life. A friend that I trust and enjoy being around. A supporter and confidant. Companionship. Undying passion. The kind that makes me long to merge my flesh and bones – and my soul with another human being, because we are already so connected on other levels.

Someone who gets me – and loves me despite, and in spite of my worst attributes. Me on my worst days. Someone who brings out the best in me. A level-headed listener…

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