Countdown to London and Paris! (Part 2)


Yesterday I shared with you some of the glorious things I hope to do when I get to London – in less than 60 days! Oh my gosh, the trip is in like a month and a half. I’m still trying to figure out what to wear… (yikes)

Anyway, LB and I are taking a scenic train ride from London to Paris. We’ll spend a whirlwind two days there – and yet I still have a list, although it’s not written in stone! Meals, we can play by ear. Of course, part of the luxury of staying in a walking city is being able to stumble upon unexpected and beautiful things (as we stroll down cobblestone streets). I hear the atmosphere in Paris is so romantic. I can’t wait!

Here we go. A few things I wanna check out (in no particular order):


The Eiffel Tower


Promenade Plantee (above ground park)


Cruise the River Seine at night


The Chapel of Saint Chapelle


Musee du Quai Branly (an African Art Museum)


Le Louvre Museum

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Please check out my Pinterest boards! In the interest of attracting wonderful travel opportunities, I’m inserting my ‘Ghana Inspiration’ board for good measure. It’s on my radar for some point in the future.《Thank you in advance, Universe!》

What do you gather from my travel aspirations?

Looking at the images I’ve collected from Pinterest, I fully realize my vision for bonding and traveling with my partner while enjoying European and African cultures (countries, cities, exhibits, museums, people watching, food, etc!) and cultivating romance. I think I’ll find that more fulfilling than posing for pictures in front of all the expected touristy sites. That’s just me.

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Again, cheers to experiencing lovely “firsts.” I’m looking forward to many more.

If you haven’t already, do check out the first piece of this 2-part post, which outlines my London aspirations.

Have you been to Paris? What are your favorite things to do there? Best memory? Are there any attractions or sites that I MUST see? Do you travel with your lover or significant other? What do you find most exciting about it? Any travel plans?

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  1. I’m so excited for this trip like I’m going lol! Take lots of pics. I’m supposed to be heading to Paris next summer, so I’ll need your pointers.

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  2. I’ve been to both. I’m a foodie so I can give a few recommendations, if needed. A few years ago, we took the train from Paris to London. It was a great experience. The train ride is awesome. Just a warning: don’t wear yourself out. You won’t be able to see EVERYTHING! Put Monmarte and, if you can, Moulin Rouge on your list. Visit MANY outdoor cafes and less museums as possible. Tourists will get on your nerves. This year we traveled Paris for a few days then South of France. I have a feeling you are a South of France kind of gal as well.


    • Wow. You’re the second person in two days who mentioned South of France to me. You’re probably right. I have two museums on my list for Paris – the Louvre, and an African Art Museum. My partner is African (ghanaian) and we both like art. Thanks for the warning and the recommendations. Definitely open to restaurant suggestions.


  3. London and Paris in one trip, yay! I lived in London and visited Paris twice. Good tip on avoiding sightseeing overload. Take it easier and you’ll enjoy more. Museums – big ones like Louvre or British will take a lot of time like 3-5 hours or more if you want to see it all. Orsay is cool and not too big. My Paris museum tip is Rodin museum. Small but amazing. London – Tate Modern would be my must-see favourite. Most London museums are free so there is usually no queues. Re clothes: wear layers, both cities have mild climate all year round, can be chilly but won’t be cold or hot that time of year. Top and light jacket should be enough. Rains a lot in both cities but it’s mostly light drizzle. If you want more tips, let me know. For London I could give you a month of stuff to do… if you’ve got the time 🙂

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    • Hi! Thanks for the tips. I’m glad you mentioned weather. Research says it’s usually around 60 degrees (F) in London in September. My significant other says chillier. I’ll plan on the layers, and definitely comfy shoes for Paris.

      British Museum, I have specific exhibits in mind – definitely the Egyptian one! I’m going to add the Tate Modern to my list for sure. I left off Buckingham palace because it didn’t seem like fun. Let me know any romantic, date night (or day) ideas you think of please!

      Re Paris, I’ve read several times now that the Orsay and Rodin are good to check out. The Louvre, I’d have to look at a map of the exhibits and pick a few specific ones.


  4. Yes London will be 60ish temp. Romantic London… for me Little Venice canals in Maida Vale – walk around or take a riverboat ride to Camden. Very cool. Covent Garden – have a bite or beer drink in one of the pavillion pubs. Top of The Shard restaurants – you can get in just for a drink and enjoy the view. Dinner will be very romantic – but reserve way in advance. Rooftop bars in general are great if the weather is good. There is on near Tower Hill and one overlooking Trafalgar Sq that I know of. Both in hotels. Everything overlooking Thames will be romantic. Southbank walk is beautiful and can be romantic if there’s not way too many people. There is a Southbank festival in September I think (?) – check it out, great outdoor free events. I love the quirky/arty/alternative parts of London too, lots of interesting shops, street art, food, markets – check out Camden, Shoreditch. Soho is cool too but more touristy. Southwark is great for fresh/street food – Borough Market, Maltby. Restaurants – there are so many, just pick outside of main tourist trap zones like Piccadilly, check reviews, and you’ll be fine. Fine dining will be about £50 plus per person, but you can have great meals for half that price.

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    • Oooo, great info! Little Venice Canals were not on my list but they are now. As far as the Riverboat ride, I was thinking of cruising the Thames by boat at night, and doing the London Eye the same evening depending on weather. Maybe that could be the same night we have dinner overlooking the river. (Good thing I’m the activity planner!) I definitely want to try a couple of markets and possibly go to Brixton too. Oh we are also checking out a Ghanaian restaurant in South London. Thanks so much Petra. I think you’re due for a trip!

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  5. Just writing about it makes me miss London so much! Such a great city.

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