Countdown to London and Paris! (Part 1)


I know it’s premature to start obsessing over my trip to Europe, but it’s coming up in less than 60 days. How could I not?!

The funny thing is I started respective Pinterest boards for both places before I ever had plans to visit. Go figure.

When you travel, do you tend to do all things touristy? Or do you look for activities off the beaten path? I think LB and I will be doing a little of both, although London and Paris are very familiar to him.


A few things I want to check out (in no particular order):


Ride the London Eye


The British Museum


Cruise the Thames River at night!


Visit old ruins! (St. Dunstan-in-the-East Church)


York, England


St. Pancreas Station where we catch the train to Paris!

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I have several more sites on my radar, and a few restaurants I’d like to try including South London’s Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant for Ghanaian cuisine. Perhaps I’ll report on those when I get back.

Hopefully, you’ll check out my Pinterest boards! I’m throwing in my ‘Ghana Inspiration’ board for good measure because it may be on the horizon at some time in the future.γ€ŠThank you in advance, Universe!》

Looking at the images I’ve collected, I’m now realizing my vision for bonding/ traveling with my partner while enjoying European and African cultures (exhibits, museums, people watching, food, etc!), and cultivating our friendship. I think I’ll find that more fulfilling than posing for pictures in front of all the expected touristy sites. It all depends on your interests are.

Cheers to experiencing “firsts.” I’m looking forward to many more.

My installment on Paris is coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Have you been to London or Paris? What are your favorite things to do there? Are there any attractions or sites that I MUST see? Do you travel with your lover or significant other? What do you find most exciting about it? Any travel plans?

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your blog πŸ™‚


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  2. 😦 I also want to go to Europe. If I was going, I’d love to go to some of the vineyards in the quiet villages of the south of France.


  3. Hey! your post is a great read and what lovely photographs. following your blog to read more of such enjoyable posts πŸ™‚

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