Is It Ever as Good as the First Time?


It’s never as good as the first time. I’m listening to Pandora again – streaming Anita Baker and similar artists – like Sade, who sings the title track.

Is it true though? Are certain things just never as good as the first time? Drug addicts attest to this, which is why they often spend years, or decades, or a lifetime chasing the high they got with that first hit.

What about your first kiss? What was that like? Have you ever felt the exact same adrenaline rush? The first time you had sex (if ever)? Well, hopefully that gets better over time.

The first time you tried ice cream… (Who actually remembers that?)

Is your current love as good as the first? Does he or she give you the same drunken, bubbly excitement? Make you crazy?

Is there anything you’ve ever done, or anyone you’ve ever loved that makes you think everything or everyone else is secondary – because it will never be as good as the first time? Better yet, is there anything you tried that was way better than your initial experience? Should we lay that myth to bed? What have you tried that you never have to do again? (For me, it’s zip lining. Once was enough!)

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  1. Shakiyla, I don’t think that there was anything to ‘the first time’ other than it was a new experience. Whether it’s a kiss, an ice cream, sex, your first car…..I think that they’re an inherent excitement for something new, but as far as to the quality of that first time, I’d have to say that it’s in doubt for me. I think that there are some special memories associated with those ‘first times’ and that is were the value lies. There’s really nothing that I’ve done that I’ve disliked so much that I’d never do it again. Well, wasabi sauce was brutal, and I’ll probably not go there again. I’d add some doctors visits to the ‘hated it’ list, but I’ll have no choice but to revisit those moments annually. 😀


    • 🙂 you’re right. It’s not necessarily the “action” of the first time, in a lot of cases – unless of course that action drastically changes your life path, for better or worse! It’s the memories we associate with the actions. I went zip lining in the rain forest on Puerto Rico (8 long lines!). The nauseating feeling is the reason I don’t do roller coasters. I’ll pass. I had the experience! Thanks Rob.

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