Engagement is Off – Who’s Reading Anyway?

I knew months back that the direction of this blog would change. In fact, I wrote to you about my dilemma here.

I asked: What will I write about now that I’m in a relationship and no longer telling one off, funny dating stories about random men?

I’ve covered a few topics, right? Travel, long distance relationships, missing the single life (not nearly as much as I enjoy emotional intimacy in a committed relationship with a man who adores me)….

And then I reached my four year blogging anniversary, which is super cool. Reflecting back on the experience and the stories I’ve told just makes me realize how much fun I’ve been having, and how much I enjoy interacting with people who take time out of their busy lives to comment. (Thank you!)


At the same time, I feel like the level of engagement with the blog has waned lately. Maybe the kind of information I’m sharing no longer resonates. Or is it that the material is more suited to an audience who will key in on more serious topics? I’m really not sure. Maybe the key is to keep posting and allow an audience to form around the content – naturally. And allow whomever my messages are meant for to be inspired.

I started this post to say I’m considering taking a break from blogging about personal issues – like the blog I put up yesterday about “what I understand about life” and instead write and organize more of that kind of material into my memoir – or some other book. (LB thinks I could use what I’ve written over the past four years and make it into something saleable. And that I need to grow my audience. He’s right.) Next week, I’m taking a writing intensive in New York City. I’ll work on memoir for a full day, honing my craft.

I’ll be here – doing polls and sharing some light topics. And having fun. I feel compelled to write regardless. Feeling a bit introverted. Oh, and my trips to London and Paris are on in less than 60 days. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures and writing about my travel adventures.

Thank you dear friends.

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  1. that happened to me with another blog that I wrote for several year about low carb eating & fitness. I just ran out of things to say on that topic. I signed off but people all over the world still find it every day. Like you…I love to write. I have started other blogs and found other outlets. Good luck!


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