What I Understand About Life

The Anne Lamott series: article 1 of 5


In order to articulate what I understand about life, I decided to jot down a few circumstances that gave me perspective :

  • Growing up poor
  • Being a teenaged mom (pregnant at 15)
  • Surviving the trauma of watching my sister suffer and die from terminal illness at age 35
  • Having a father who spent half his life on drugs, and as a result, became a voiceless, double amputee right before he died
  • Working my way up from a temp to Vice President at a major corporate – buying a house and supporting my children along the way
  • Meeting a man who I instantly recognized my ancestors (my deceased sister and father) in
  • Full circle moments like seeing my children living on campus at college. I never had that experience.

So what do I understand about life?

I could easily insert a few memes or quotes here about never giving up, or about letting things make you stronger (versus killing you). Actually one quote might be a good thing:


I understand that struggle can either make you bitter or compassionate. You can either believe the Universe is always working in your favor, or wallow in misery thinking everything bad always happens to you! (Which by the way only draws more negativity.)

I understand how heavy emotional pain can be, and how easy it is to drown in it. And that whatever or whoever is most important to you can be the light that keeps you going.

I understand the dual nature and complexity of humans – and how addiction destroys families. I know several levels and types of grief.

I understand the gifts you’re born with are just as beneficial to others as they are for you.

I know that I’m a warrior. I prefer not to fight, but I will go to battle if I have to.

Everything comes full circle.

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Name one or a few things, people, or events that have given you perspective on life. What do you understand about life? If you could pass on one lesson, what would it be? What do you know for sure?

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the inspiration. It is so true what you say about finding the light that brings you upwards. Or like the monkey from the Lion king says about the past: “You can either learn from it, or run from it”. I’ve had my share of struggle in life too, but I’ve chosen to make it my strength rather than my weekness. Keep on beeing a warrior! It will make you able to help people around you aswell because it makes you able to understand.

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