Oh, hey! Love and History in Atlanta

LB and I took a vacation! But I lost my phone – like three months ago now, so anyway, hence the delay in sharing this recap. (I kept starting and stopping!)

I was shopping on the 5th floor in Macy’s Herald Square, looking for a dress to wear to church in his birthday. I had far too many items draped over my arm, with phone in hand. It fell somewhere under a rolling rack, but by the time I noticed, someone had stolen it. 2,000 plus pictures lost and an ensuing anxiety attack. I checked in with the lost and found department almost daily for two weeks – to no avail of course.


Being with him helped soothe my pain… Here are some Internet pics of places we went in Atlanta. Fun, fun times.





The King Center is an interactive memorial featuring the King Library and Archives, which are the primary source materials on Dr. King and the global civil rights movement (speeches, letters, photography, etcl). We enjoyed touring Ebenezer Baptist church where he and his father preached, and different exhibits including photographs of King’s life with his wife Coretta Scott King. It wasn’t until my visit here that I realized what a large role she played in the civil rights movement – by backing her husband, but also through direct action. She was there every step of the way. We missed touring his birth home because the list was full the day we went. Maybe we’ll do that the next time.




I think we were both silent for most of our visit here. The Center is filled with two or three levels of raw, in-your-face history that felt difficult but necessary to relive. I’ve never had a more 360 degree view and experience of the civil rights movement – from Ruby Bridges, to Emmit Till, to Dr. Martin Luther King to the every day lynchman and protester for change. Chilling imagery and videos. This is a must see if you find yourself in Atlanta.





We went on a double-date with my sister and her husband here. I think Kevin Hart is somewhat overrated, but his and Will Ferrell’s movie ‘Get Hard’ was so funny it was ridiculous. Cine Bistro serves delicious fare too. Decent quality food.






I’m impressed with Sweet Georgia’s. We took in a live R&B show and dinner one night, and went back the next day for lunch and a live singing tribute to the legendary Dionne Warwick who was actually in attendance. My only advice is to make reservations ahead of time because we waited over an hour for seating at dinner. Overall awesome time. Definitely visit if you find yourself down South!


  • Kat’s Cafe
  • image

    There aren’t many good quality photos of Kat’s online, but the place is touted as a snug nightclub with signature martinis –  known for live music and entertainment. Snug is an understatement. I believe we went on a Thursday, which is open mic night. We arrived kind of late, so getting seating was pretty much a rap, but they had an above average amateur entertainment lineup. One guy did a decent Luther Vandross cover.

    *Random* When the show ended, I stood inside near the glass door watching LB wait in the rain for the valet to bring our car around. I admired his physique and thought – almost aloud “what a beautiful and Real man.” Isn’t it weird how your heart opens up in those odd unintentional moments where your lover is just ‘being?’

    Sorry I digressed! That same night, we had an intimate (meaning we were the last patrons in there) dinner at Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken & Waffles, which is about a five-to-six minute drive away from Kat’s. The chicken and waffles at Sweet Georgia’s get a higher rating.

    And we did much, much more. All in all, we loved ATL and enjoyed our stay.


    Have you been to Atlanta, Georgia? What’s your favorite thing to do there? Would you visit again?

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    6 replies

    1. You lost your phone but the fond memories are ever lasting… PRICE LESS to have enjoyed one another.

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    2. Looks both entertaining and rewarding. I’ve never been to Atlanta, but based on your experience, I think that I should venture down there soon!


    3. Glad you had such a great time! Atlanta is such a rich, cultural city and to experience it with someone you care about it awesome!

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