Almost eight months ago, I wrote to you and told you about LB. Hesitant to meet up with him because he had what I thought could’ve been a fake English accent – I went anyway because I liked the food at the restaurant he chose!


LB is very private, so I won’t say too much! He’s a beautiful man though. Handsome – and smart, understanding, logical, communicative, etc. We’re still cultivating our friendship and doing this “dance” of spelling out our relationship contract. Not a real document – but a conscious, ongoing dialogue about values, ideas, dreams, boundaries, expectations, etc. Magically, we’ve been on the same accord at every turn.

We do playfully disagree about how long a man should live at home with his parents, but that’s kind of random and culture-based. I think here in America, we promote individualism – and the idea that grown men should be on their own, whereas some other cultures are more about familial, community living so to speak. He feels it’s unnecessary to waste money on your own place if there’s no real need to. (I guess he’s right.)

Anyway, that’s unimportant at this juncture – he owns  his own home(s).

The potential merging of existences is a bit – I don’t wanna say scary… It’s interesting to consider, and a real possibility.

So basically, that’s where I am right now. Oh, my mother thinks LB is a nice guy. She couldn’t find anything off or “wrong.” *gasp!* I knew that already.

If I had to name a challenge, I’d say physical distance. On the other side of that, I’d say we have creative ways of making it work. šŸ™‚

Soon, I’ll travel to Europe (London & Paris) for my first out-of-the-country experience with him. My first trip to Europe, actually. I’m slightly obsessed excited, and planning a to-do list and looking forward to many more “firsts” with my partner (whose English accent is very real by the way).

Do I sound wishy-washy? Excuse me!

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  1. Cautious, but not wishy-washy. It’s good to be cautious! Sounds like a very well thought out relationship that has a very solid foundation.

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  2. Wishing you all the best on this…

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  3. You sound so happy. Live it up girl. Oh and you have to tell me all about Europe when u get back.

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  4. Yes! You’re taking time out to get to know him inside and out. I know we will never know every single thing about a person but …. The chemistry between the two of you! I wish you the best of luck and I know you can handle it. I’m so happy for you. Between you and I……I miss those blogs with all the different personalities men have. šŸ˜‰


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    • Lol. Thank you! Funny you mentioned that because I miss writing those funny stories. It was all so interesting, although being in a healthy relationship is more fulfilling. It was all part of the process though. A lady at my job was in the bathroom getting dolled up to go on a first date. I thought “I remember those days!”

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  5. Eight mths ago you weren’t so sure but the sense of your happiness has only grown. I believe in what you see, feel and believe in ” LB” and if all continue as its been you’ll be blogging another 8 mths in. Love and being loved is a beautiful thing .

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