I Am Superwoman


I’ve been a mother since 16. Juggling school, a job – I worked at what was then calles Kentucky Fried Chicken on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, and a baby didn’t necessarily make me superwoman though. I was just a kid trying to make it the best way I knew how.

Then came two more children. I finished college, bought a house, rose through the ranks in corporate America, from temp to Vice President – all as, a single mother. The hurdles I’ve jumped and the battles I fought are too numerous to name here.

I still never viewed myself as a superwoman. I was a young mom sacrificing whatever I needed to, for my kids – two of them are college students.

But lately (and this is partly a function of my kids being grown), I’ve been feeling like maybe I can take my cape off and lay it down sometimes. Also a function of having a go-to person who makes me feel safe and secure. A partner who erases all the lingering shadows of doubt.

Feels good to begin to (learn how to) relax.

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    All women should get to the point where we are able to let it ride. To be the one who gets comfort. Nicely done.


  2. What an amazing journey, Shakiyla. I’m sure that when you were experiencing everything, you didn’t feel like superwoman. But looking back, yeah, you were and still are. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and have no idea on how I’m going to accomplish something, but I find a way. You’ve earned the right to put the cape away…but only for a short while… šŸ™‚

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  3. Sounds like you are truly learning to “exhale”. I cant wait! Congratulations!

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  4. You are one brave mama! You deserve to rest now! Enjoy the pleasures of being an empty nester!

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  5. There is a story here that needs to be told. I can’t wait to read the memoir. Thank you for putting all of this out there!

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  6. I admire u!!!!!

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  7. That “I admire you” is me. It put me as anonymous

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