The Single Life | Is It Over For Me?


I promised the man I’m dating that I wouldn’t blog about him or us – and I’m sticking to that…

But I’m in the midst of a dilemma that I need to let you all in on.

Notice I’ve been missing in action for about a month or so. Much of that time, I’ve been smiling, and laughing, and having intimate conversations, and outings, listening to love songs – and happily losing sleep. I’ve been dreaming in bright colors. Vivid, sensual, telling dreams – even premonitions!

That brings me to this. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve shared plenty of dating stories. I enjoyed writing them. I enjoyed the process of learning about different men, and getting to know myself better. Over the past few years, I’ve become crystal clear on what I want and need in a partner. And you are my witness that I have never settled for less – even through accusations of being picky and bossy. I heard I was just looking for reasons to quickly discard people.

One day, recently, I woke up with a “knowing” that all those stories are somehow irrelevant now. I just had a feeling. They’re relevant in the sense that they were part of my “process” of getting closer to my ideal partnership – and in the sense that I’m better able to recognize, appreciate, and embrace a special man (when he shows up). Better able to be transparent and open with someone who reciprocates that. But I’ve forgotten most of those guys’ names. Those one-off dates with them don’t matter anymore.

Here’s the dilemma – if the premise of this blog is sharing adventures and experiences about the single life and dating – what will I share with you in this particular stage?

Whatever it is, I’ll fill you in as promptly as the inspiration comes. These days my private notes are centered on soul connections, and energy, and the unfolding of a new friendship. They’re about me looking into a mirror and seeing myself more fully than I ever have.

Thank you for your patience. I need to be inside myself a bit. In this new space. I’m here for the first time.

Best wishes,

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14 replies

  1. That is AWESOME news, Shakiyla. I hope that he turns out to be the love of your life.

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  2. Good for you, Shakiyla. =) Run with it as far as it will take. Faster. Further. Higher. And beyond. Enjoy these moments and embrace every memory you create.

    We’ll still be here when you’re ready to give life to your thoughts and feelings.;-)

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  3. This is great! What a good place to be in!


  4. It has been a journey, hopefully your last stop. I’m so curious! Lol

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  5. You can still write about the single life. I still write about dating and relationships. When I first started it was more online dating and sex stories. Since I’m wifed up I added some social issues, some history. The overall basis is still the same. Guys/girls still email me for dating advice.

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