Obsessive Compulsive Nude Pinning Disorder

Lately I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Are you on there?


Of course there’s an application – as well as a website you can log on to and “pin” (or collect) and group photos that inspire you.

To get a better sense of my personality (and my fetishes), check out a few of my boards!

Sensual Boudoir – I have a boudoir photo shoot scheduled for late November. I’m gathering inspiration! Be warned – hot and steamy images of voluptuous, barely dressed women contained herein.



The Male Form — I’m into looking at men lately. What do you want from me??!! Dayumm.



The Female Form — Can’t deny the beauty of a woman’s curves. What’s more organic and sexy?? Let me know when you think of something…



Men — More men – this time with clothes on! Still yummy! (And mostly chocolate.)



Black on Black L♥VE — It’s amazing when it’s done right!



I also have two home-related boards because decorating and remodeling are two of my favorite things to do. And of course, there’s always work to be done on a home. Enjoy!

Inspiring Interiors


Decoration Inspiration

In addition, I’m pinning images of black men in Vietnam (my father was one), beach destinations, swimsuits, etc.

If you checked out my boards, feel free to follow me! Did anything pique your interest? Are you more familiar with my likes and dislikes now? The “type” of man I lust after I’m attracted to? If you’re on Pinterest, what sorts of things do you like to pin? Chime in!

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  1. Hopefully you’ll be posting the boudoir proofs here. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love the photos you posted, but, man, those male photographs make me want to go and delete every nude photo I’ve ever posted on my blog. Ouch. 🙂

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  2. This blog makes me think if I’m able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of what I see. Naked or with clothes. I can say that I do need a little work but I’m proud of what I see.

    I didn’t know you was into remodeling but from looking at your Pinterest you enjoy it. You have high standards when it come to fashion and that applies to your type of men. You’re into tall dark chocolate men but you will consider any race.😉


    • Aww, you are always so spot on and insightful! Can’t wait for you to start blogging.

      Yes, it’s all about standards. I have discerning tastes in just about everything – and I do love a chocolate man! I’ve seen pics of your home too, and I love the way you put it together. I thought of you when I was pinning ideas for a thanksgiving tablescape.

      As far as fitness, I have a ton of work to do and I’m always focused on that. I’d like to be in better shape for the photoshoot but I’m doing it NOW so I can have beautiful images from my “youth” to look back on! It’s great that you’re proud of what you see! A lot of us feel differently.

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  3. When photographed properly (i.e., tastefully), boudoir settings are some of the most visually stunning pieces of art. I love all those images you have on your board. Any woman who endeavors to experience – and be a part of – boudoir photography is incredibly confident and very much in tune with herself … and romance, too. Impressive. Very impressive.

    As for Pinterest: I have an account. I have one board dedicated to pool / billiards. LOL. Not enough time in the day to even pay attention to it.



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