Beautiful Black Woman



Apologies for such a generic title, but what else could I call this woman whose photo I found on Pinterest last night? Her waist-to-hip ratio is everything. Not to mention her well-defined back, gracious derierre, and sun-kissed skin tone. What else could I say?

What do you say?

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16 replies

  1. Quite simply, she is amazing…..


  2. I’m all for beautiful black women. We need more positive images displayed of us when it comes to this!


  3. You said it right. She is amazing.


  4. I say, “I’m envious”….lol


  5. Breathtakingly Beautiful ….all Natural Crown and Gloriousđź‘‘


  6. I have booty envy for sure! lol…and her skin is beautiful!


  7. Oh you go girl show them it all about that bass

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