One’s Own Soul – Do You Giveth or Taketh?


I saved this inspirational caption because it reminded me of the sacrifices of parenthood. It’s a blessing to be the go-to person for your children, no matter how burdensome it feels at times – because it means they trust you. I’ve spent most of my life raising mine.

I opened it tonight though, and thought of the flipside – outside of my own circumstances. To influence someone could also mean taking their soul. But who can do that without the other party surrendering?

Anyway before I go off on a tangent, people do – and especially young, impressionable people – get influenced and derailed, only to wind up in some funky places. Places like addiction.

Back to my original thought… Sure, I’ve given pieces of my heart and soul. My children know me better than anyone. But thank YOU for being on this journey too. I give you pieces.


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