Should I Abandon the Challenge?


I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge (except video games, which I’ve never been able to win), unless I’m just not interested.

To recap, I’m on day 9 of a daily writing challenge. This month, BlogHer established a theme of HEALING for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), under the premise that “America needs to heal after the events of Ferguson, Missouri,” in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black male teen murdered at the hands of a police officer who fired six bullets through his head and chest. The execution and ensuing excessive use of force against peaceful protesters sparked outrage around the nation.

In line with the theme, I’ve written about healing – from the events of Ferguson (and other instances of police brutality, the devaluing and disregard of black life, and injustice) here and here, on coming back from being bat shit crazy about a man, and healing from severed relationships with “friends” who either walk away or need to be left behind.

Judging by response rates, these posts aren’t as well received as the ones I write about dating and the single life. (Yes, I’m still very much single.) And I understand. We read blogs very often as a way to distract ourselves from the challenges of our own lives.

Having said all that, rather than abandoning the challenge altogether, I may skip a day here and there. (I may.) I’ll still write about healing. I have a draft article following up on my ex who had a debilitating stroke last year. He’s disabled now, but walking and talking. He’s had a long, hard road to healing. I spent eleven years with him and in some ways I’m still healing I guess. So look forward to that.

I might write about grief – my sister died when she was 35. And I might write about being the child of an addict. We shall see!

In between that, I’ll update you on some single life shenanigans, of which I have very few. But I may have a couple of candidates. O_o


Feel free to chime in on what I’ve written so far for the challenge, thoughts on healing, thoughts about me abandoning the challenge, etc. Is there something you’re healing from that I haven’t touched on? Suggestions for topics are also welcome.

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  1. Only you can answer the question posed, however, I enjoy reading your perspectives and insights. I may not always comment, but I do read practically everything you write … even the things that I can’t fully understand (for one reason or another). Regardless of whether or not I can understand, I still place great value in hearing (well, *reading*) someone else’s perspective. It’s how we grow individually – taking in new things, seeing things from a different perspective and viewpoint, etc.

    You’re a gifted writer. You have this innate ability to convey your thoughts, impressions, feelings, and emotions in a way that a lot of people aren’t able to do.

    I get from where you’re coming – I do – but never be reticent to step out there on that shaky limb and take a stand. =) Others may disagree with me – hell, you may disagree with me (grins) – but your words have incredible value and meaning to others.

    I say stay the course. =)


    • Thank you! –for such a thoughtful comment! It’s nice to know you’re reading and appreciating my perspective. And thanks for being open-minded. I write on and off pretty much all day now, either on my computer, on my phone, in a notebook, or in my mind. I don’t think I could stop now! Lol

      I’ll be sure to include you on things related to my memoir that might go up on a different blog.

      I think at some point, all artists doubt whether people are listening or getting where we’re coming from.

      Thank you.


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