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When was the last time you tried something new and different? Here’s what I’ve been up to.

  • I did a boudoir photo shoot a few weeks ago. I was hella nervous and completely obsessed over what to wear. I settled on a look similar to this. I promise that if the photographer ever sends me the pics, I’ll share a couple with my dedicated audience. The night of, I felt no awkwardness in showing my super sexy side; a posh hotel room a few blocks from the Empire State Building served as the backdrop. I’m curious to see how they came out too.
  • Last summer, I did EIGHT ziplines across a rain forest in Puerto Rico. After that, I let go of my skydiving adventure dreams! That was enough.
  • Another summer I went parasailing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • While swimming is probably no big deal to most of you, I took lessons for the very first time this past July through August. *Sigh* I still need confidence to take a bite of air between strokes, and I wanna learn how to do the backstroke! My next set of lessons start this coming Sunday.
  • Think back — to April 2014. I did my first interview: Advice for The Black Woman | Fitness Q&A with Mark Jenkins. To date, it’s the most read article of all time on this blog. I’m ready to line up a few more.
  • Come to think of it, I did a squat variation yesterday in the gym called the Jefferson squat for the first time. Didn’t love it, but it had me winded as heck! Anything to keep the glutes popping.
  • As far as any confessions about friends with benefits or summer flings, or erotica (I blog about dating too. Remember?), I will address that in a separate article. Ha!

Hmmm. Other than that, I can’t think of anything! Oh, I’m considering modeling in a fashion show this coming winter. Also going to try to prepare a few vegan meals this Fall.

I started off thinking I hadn’t done much of anything new and different lately, but it turns out that my life is a real adventure! (Right.) More to come though.


How often do you make an effort to try something totally new? What usually inspires you to step outside the box? What new experiences have you had lately? Anything you think others (including me) would like?

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  1. My idea of trying something new is Sobe Lifewater. Usually it takes me a few months of thinking/griping about it before I actually make the change.
    Lately I have started wearing more orange. I read some weird fashion article years ago that convinced me never to wear orange, purple, or brown. Rules were made to be broken.
    Also belly dancing.
    Hey, I took a swimming lesson this summer too…only one, though. I think I have commitment issues.


    • Hi. Thanks for commenting. Sobe Lifewater sounds refreshing right now. I’ve had it before. Kudos to you on trying new things! Would you believe orange, purple, and brown are colors that I rarely wear? But go figure, I bought a plum/purplish colored dress in June that I haven’t worn yet.


  2. How did I miss this post? How did the photos come out? I don’t step out of the box too often, but I have in the past. I went on a shark feeding once with no cage. I’ve tried boxing – didn’t like that at all. lol I tried an informal poll on my blog that resulted in an x (well maybe r) rated video of me in the shower in my blog. I’ve tried to learn new musical instruments lately, that’s always fun and frustrating at the same time. Life is about changes and taking chances once in a while, right?


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