Ferguson, MI | Expectations for Healing

How did I process the events of Ferguson, Missouri in terms of healing?

I can’t say that I have. I read blogs and social media, and when I’m at work I glance at Bloomblerg TV in closed captions. But I haven’t watched coverage of Michael Brown’s murder on the major television networks or read about it in the paper. I lost sleep over images of peaceful protesters being tear gassed, and military servicemen using combat style weaponry on unarmed citizens in a residential neighborhood.

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

How have I processed the events of Ferguson?

I wasn’t there when police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown – an unarmed black teenager, but “an injustice to one is an injustice to all.” Anyone who’s had their hearts busted open with grief – anyone who’s lost a loved one at the hands of violence, is suffering to a degree, from post traumatic stress disorder.

Good question, but as a woman of color, I’m still processing – for as long as I live. Rather than expecting a complete healing and a sense of normalcy, I ought to use my energies to help the cause of the assassination¬†of unarmed black men. Like many others, I have not decided how or where to start – besides with educating my children. I pray.

I’m writing about healing all September-long for National Blog Posting Month, and in some cases following their prompts. Please subscribe (top right hand) or check back for more stories.

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  1. First let me apologize for not being active on your blogs. Working two jobs and the gym has kept me busy. All I can say is, that it is sad that in this day and age racism still exist whether it is passively, or aggressively. I just hope justice is served expediently.


  2. What makes me the most angry are the people who say we always see stories like this, but no one ever points to a story of a black person shooting an unarmed white person shouting “racist!” People don’t get how different this is and I wish I had a way to explain. I sometimes wonder if these stories would be better told without mentioning race. At the end of the day, Darren is just a police officer and Michael just an unarmed boy. No matter what the color of their skin, there was no reason for this to happen.


    • I’m kind of confused about the part about no one ever points other stories out. Are you saying they go unmentioned? If that’s how you feel at the end of the day (Michael was just an unarmed boy), that’s fine. But my experience and perspective on race relations, and those of my sons Will always be different than yours. I also know someone who grew up in St. LOUIS, who confirmed that white officers there use racial profiling all the time to abuse power and that it happened to every single person of color he brought home as a guests in his house. What makes Most angry is the under valuing of black lives to the point we are gunned down while are hands are up on the air, and then left to lay in the street. What makes me even more livid and hurt is the fact that justice is almost never served in court.


      • That’s not what I think, but I hear that every time these stories come on. I can never understand what it’s like to be a different race than my own, but I do know there’s a difference. Maybe if we had more open discussions about everyday race relations, those people would recognize what’s really going on in Furgison. Did you hear the White House is now looking in to the whole police department there? At least, that’s what I heard


        • I didn’t hear about that. I read about the push to install body cameras on police, but I have mixed feelings on that. I agree that more healthy discussion is needed to bring about change. That’s a positive development that I see happening – more discussion.


  3. As far as the role reversal of a Black cop shooting an unarmed white teen doesn’t get mentioned because it doesn’t exist. Well a few suspected white supremacist did talk about a story in Texas but the Black cop was immediately arrested and relived of his duties. He’s going to go to jail. The problem that we have is that when a White cop kills a Black teen NOTHING happens to the cop. This cop still hasn’t even been arrested. Unfortunately, stories like Mike Brown is regular right now for us. This is the 4th police killing in the last three weeks. I applaud the people in Ferguson for standing up and trying to recall some politicians in the area. This is a time for all of us to support the people in Ferguson. Black people as a whole have to protect ourselfs and inform our children of what is happening right now. Also, an economic base is the most important. We don’t have any protection without an economic base.


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