Men and Dating – Pet Peeve



Dear men,

If you ask a woman out, make some effort to come up with a PLAN. Do not put the onus on Her.

Minus one thousand points if I ask where we’re meeting/ what we’re doing and the man says “up to you,” almost with a shrug. Especially not at the last minute. At least have a suggestion or idea. How hard is that?

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  1. Amen! If he asks you out, he should make the plans.


  2. Yes! Ok so “It’s up to you.” can be nice to hear on occasion, if you have been with someone for a while. But on a first date after he asks you out? No way. It’s just lazy.

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  3. “I dont know what do u wanna do?” “I dont know what do u wanna do?” cracking the hell up I get annoyed quick

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  4. This ones a bit tough tho. Specially if you organize something kind of ahead of schedule and you aren’t sure if she likes it. I usually ask a girl what she likes and figure something from there.

    Best date I’ve come up with was dinner on a river cruise. Paid the boat man to kick everyone else off. Sadly, she was not happy, she said if she knew, she wouldn’t have worn heels!


    • I could see how she would feel that way if she was uncomfortable, but if you were the only ones on the boat, she could’ve taken her shoes off! Sounds like a nice date. I say it’s fine to keep it simple early on, and in New York City, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a cool spot. Making that effort and taking the lead goes a long way (for most mature women I would say).


  5. When men don’t plan effectively for a romantic/fun date it usually means they aren’t really into the woman.

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  6. That is my pet peeve…especially being a single mother. I have to make very decision that comes my way all the time. Its always a plus when a man can come thru with a plan

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  7. I agree. I think that men get so worked up about getting denied, that they never actually are prepared if the woman says yes. Have a plan, go someplace that you find interesting, and if she finds it interesting as well, then you’re off to a good start. πŸ™‚


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