Tell Me If I’m Tripping

The fuckery.

I mentioned the other day that I have a few trips coming up. So, a “male friend wanted” to tag along. I’m using that term loosely because some of the tenets of what I consider friendship are missing.

Anyway, he asks to accompany me. I’m flying, but he wants to turn it into a road trip. He knows my family, so I considered it for a second.

Here’s what he said when I told him I’m going to fly because that’s the cheaper option for me:

Same with car we go half and I pay for gas and tolls and the room no problem to sleep/spend night with u I will pay anything.

My response? I have no intentions on sleeping with or spending the night with you.

And then he tried to run a guilt trip on me.

I guess you’re embarrassed by me. Tell the family I tried to come, but you couldn’t fit me in your busy schedule. I’m sorry, I won’t try to go anywhere with a friend again.

I know I can be short in my responses to people and my attitude is often zero tolerance for BS. But I don’t think I misinterpreted his words. No points for paying for tolls, gas and hotel – to sleep with me.

And on top of that, dude is NOT checking for me on regular basis. He’s waiting until the weather warms up, so we can have lunch. And I’ve known him for decades. Meanwhile, there are men (not even friends) who will brave a snow storm to keep plans to meet up with me.

Also— You know what? I would rather risk being considered a bitch than to give intimate pieces of myself to someone who using the guise of friendship to try and insert themselves into my private space.

The key is to know your worth. And check the foolery. Rant done!!

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Am I tripping? Tell me what you get from this story.

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22 replies

  1. That second comment of his is a dick move. He’s clearly just trying to make you feel guilty in order to get what he wants. I’m happy you didn’t fall for it.


  2. Girl. he thinks he is slick. That guilt trip only work on weak women. Aint nobody foolish!


  3. “I will pay anything” hahahaha damn! What’s going on with men right now. I keep telling women that you don’t have male friends. This is just another example of what I’ve been saying for years.


  4. you’re not tripping…but he was if he thought that weak Jedi mind trick was gonna work on you lol


  5. No, you are not tripping. He said exactly what he meant and was looking for you to agree. I am so turned off by men who run guilt trips!


  6. he’s funny and sad at the same time especially the pathetic attempt at a guilt trip


  7. Do men think that pressuring women into doing certain things will work?? I would not want something if I have to beg/pressure/put the guilt trip on ! That is one thing I will never understand


  8. Not trippin at all. You read through his bs and called him out on it so he felt he needed to continue with a guilt trip which clearly backfired on him. I’ve learned over the years that men will continue to try their hand no matter what the previous conclusion was. Most of the time they think time will change things. Some realize that you have made your mind up and the response will never change and they move on some don’t. He’ll be aight! Lol

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  9. Too funny. He embarrassed himself and had to tuck his tail. He thought it to be proper to see your price not realizing that every woman cannot and will not be brought or sold for the release of her precious gold. And to boot he really doesn’t want you to mention this to your family. You would have tell them that ole boy was trying to trick for a treat but the grab bag wasn’t even open. Embarrass……

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  10. True fuckery

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