Inspiration for Women — via The Single Woman

I follow Mandy Hale (a/k/a The Single Woman) on Twitter and Facebook. According to her website, her mission is to inspire single women to live their best lives and to never, ever settle.

Mandy’s inspirational messages are always on point. I’m sharing a few here:

Take your time.


Just be yourself.


Focus on your message to the world.


Be proud of your accomplishments and who you are.


Stop apologizing.


Be bold!


Here’s the most recent post from her blog: 14 Reasons to Celebrate Your Singleness This Valentine’s Day.

Cheers ladies!!

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  1. Love those! They can relate to many women.


  2. These are truly inspirational. Love every last one of them. Thank you!


  3. I still can’t believe women actually believe this stuff? This is clearly game that people use on women to sell them books, movies, etc. What’s inspirational about being single especially when you don’t want to? If you like men the point would be to get and keep one. Not talk about how single and fabulous you are.

    Also, can we finally end this miss independent myth. Women aren’t rarely independent. If women can get a check from a man should take a check from a man. Most women would rather stay home especially if she has the option to. I work with a mix race of people and none of the wives work hahaha. Women love to get things from men. It makes them feel good about themselves.

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    • The primary themes in this post – take your time, be yourself, focus on your message to the world, be proud of your accomplishments and who you are, stop apologizing, and be bold are applicable to married, single, transgender, etc women and men too for that matter.

      It just so happens that Mandy Hale built her name off of being a single woman, but I expanded my perspective beyond that. All the messages apply to people who aren’t necessarily single – or independent!

      How did this become about checks? Lol. I work with a mix of people too. This is just not about what a woman can get from a man. Tuhhh.


      • Those 6 pictures you put up are meant for single women that’s why I said that. It can be applied to more than being single but her message is for single women. Basically telling women it’s ok to be single because you are fabulous and men just can’t handle a strong, confident independent woman like you.

        The check thing was that a woman would take money from a man if she could. A lot of women claim they’re independent but are getting government assistance, alimony, child support, etc. Maybe I have a different definition. When I meet a woman and she says I’m independent, that’s a strike against her.


        • Actually, I got the most responses on this (all positive) from women who are in relationships, so I don’t think that’s true. Single women aren’t the only ones who need to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered. All women do.

          I see what you’re saying about that one particular picture about confidence. I was wondering. Personally, I can relate to that. Being confident and sure is off-putting to some men. They see you as bossy — and like the post said, if that’s the case, that’s not the man for you.

          We all hone in on what resonates with us. I appreciate that.

          So the money thing ties in to the confidence/independent thing then. My theory is this, if you can drive better than me, by all means take the wheel so I can relax. If you have the means to pay all the bills, please do. That hasn’t been my life, but I’m not anti-male leadership and responsibility. I felt like that came from left field on this post.

          Your level of independence can be gauged from your lifestyle, attitude, action, accomplishments, etc. Why would anyone need to proclaim “I’m independent?”


          • Every needs to be inspired from time to time. I get that.

            You can be confident and not bossy. As a man you can just check that and everything should be fine.

            Plenty of women claim independence. Your picture clearly states that.


            • Proclaiming to a man you meet “I’m independent” is totally unnecessary. You either about it or you ain’t. No qualms with you making that a strike. Hmph, I miss having someone contributing to my bills. Won’t pass that up! Lol.

              You use your platform to empower men. And that’s all good and well. Women need/have the same outlets.


        • And btw, there is a such thing as single and fabulous,, married and fabulous, recently divorced and fabulous, etc. The message is Go be Great, whatever your relationship status is.


          • “Be confident…be bold…be yourself”. Yes, what a bunch of crap (*sarcasm*) lol.

            Not sure what The Reemachronicles was reading. Would he rather single women have low self-esteem and be miserable? Is this more realistic?

            I’m married but still found the messages to be positive and inspiring. Married women (and men) must know themselves, be themselves and be confident too. So the message is universal but it makes since to aim it at single women too since some people (for some odd reason) act like single women should be at home crying.

            Filling yourself with positive messages and having a good outlook on life is necessary and attractive, period.


  4. WTF to the above comment stream. I like these quotes and I’m in a happy relationship. I kicked ass while being single and um, no, the independent woman is not a myth. What a stupid thing to say.

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