Take Me – What A Man’s Voice Can Do

These tweets from Demetria Lucas are so spot on.


One of the things I enjoy most about having a man is listening to his soothing voice at night for the purpose of relaxation. What better way to wind down, even if via phone.

Add in some lip action if he’s near, and a little bumping and grinding (I like snuggling my nose into his neck. Natural scent is everything.) and, there — you have a piece of heaven…


I’ve put several men in the “never-taking-him-seriously” category for always texting, versus calling — bass-filled voice aside.

Men: your voice is an asset. Catch a woman around bedtime while she’s winding down (or anytime), and bring it down nice and low… If she’s feeling you, you’ll only help those fantasies along. Next, follow your words up with Action. Be that stress reliever.

It’s the little things…

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  1. I only text my boys. Me and wifey never text. Even when we were in that dating phase, I didn’t text her. I barely even called her. I just saved everything for when I would see her. The text was just a confirmation or her texting me saying she got home ok. Not full damn convos that I see a lot of people doing. Plus calling is something that a lot of other guys aren’t doing so you can separate yourself.


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