What Could Make Winter Better?


Okay, so if you’re anywhere in the cold parts of the world you may understand what I’m feeling! Lethargic – from lack of sun!! These dark days can really do a number on you. Typically, the only way to keep my energy up this time of year is through consistent training/ working out in the gym, at boot camp, etc.

I sprained by back almost two weeks ago. Well, really I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of TD Bank and a guy driving a huge monster truck hit the left rear end of my car! Last year I wrote about a similar incident, except I was a passenger in someone else’s car. Chile…. I couldn’t go hard in the gym for a good while. I remember sitting at my kitchen table crying. My daughter asked “what’s wrong?” And I sobbed “I can’t work outttt……” Sad moment. Very sad. I’m at my best when I’m training.

Luckily this sprain doesn’t feel as bad and I’m not laid out on my back taking strong pain meds and days off work. Grrrr.

Do what you can to keep your spirits bright during these dim, cold days. I’ll be trying Bikram (hot) yoga soon (maybe this weekend, body permitting) and I’ll get back to kickboxing, strength training, and boot camp in no time. My physical therapy assessment is next week.

If I were living my absolute best life (I think Oprah has posed this idea/ question), I’d be spending winters in the Caribbean enjoying beach life. (Did you hear that, Universe?)

Stay warm!

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  1. Nope. I love the seasons and need the cold weather to slow me down a bit. I love cold, dark days just as much as hot, sunny ones 🙂


    • You’re one in a million! Well maybe not. Lol. I try to convince myself to enjoy it, but I just hate being cold. Feels like torture. I do agree re: slowing down. I’m like the energizer bunny during warm seasons – trying to savor every moment. No effort needed to keep energy levels up though because of the effects of natural sunlight! Ugh, girl I swear I’ll spend winters in the Caribbean someday.


  2. I love your attitude. Can’t keep you down –even a horrible thing like a stupid monster truck slamming into you! 🙂 My ideal place is ….the beach. Can’t wait for my next trip…..


  3. What would make winter better would be having July get here quicker. 😀


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