I Did It!!

Unfortunately, it’s not what you’re thinking. I haven’t met a gorgeous guy and made wild, passionate— I’m totally digressing here.

What I mean is, I successfully completed NaBloPoMo! You know — one blog post every single day for the month of November? Well today is December 3rd 9th! Yassss! (And yes, I’ve been MIA ever since. While i was away, someone even made it on a second date. I’ll fill you guys in later!)


I benefited from NaBloPoMo in several ways:

1) First off, the challenge forced me out of my comfort zone because I didn’t have as much time to filter myself. I published articles without taking as much care omit things that I wasn’t 100% sure about sharing. Like the rant about a flaky, but hella attractive date. I woke up in a compromising position after seeing him. Sharing that was really uncomfortable. A few mornings I woke up thinking “Why did I post that last night? What the hell was I thinking?”

2) I wrote about subjects I hadn’t previously touched on – like my ex-boyfriend who suffered the stroke. Once he recovered speech, he spoke more candidly than he had in years. I never felt inclined to write about him, even though we spent eleven years together, but I touched on that. Most recently he told me “When I was with you, I had a good friend.” Hindsight is a mother. I also wrote about interracial dating, which never really mattered to me before. A Chinese candidate really pissed me off.


3) My readership increased! Yayy! I realize there’s no better way to build a following than to post consistent content that resonates with people. (Thanks y’all!)

4) I paid closer attention to what inspired me – quoting some pretty influential writers in the process – James Baldwin, Anne Lamott, Anais Nin, and Mara Brock Akil.


5) There were two polls: One about kissing, and one poll about the crazy events of my life. (What’s true? What’s the lie? Can you guess?)

And then some…


Top blog posts of November 2K13 (by combined number of “likes” and comments):

1) Five Key Dating Tips for Women

2) This Bitch

3) We Are All Products – of Time, Circumstances, and History

4) Decidely Single. Definitely Sexy.

5) What Men Really Want To Know About Women


Thank you for joining me on this challenge! It’s been real. I think 3 posts a week is a reasonable number for me now.

Cheers! Let me know your thoughts, if any, on content posted during NaBloPoMo.


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  1. Awesome lessons learned– I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s “debrief” of NaBloPoMo. I may try it next year… you never know… but I’m amazed at everyone who survived! You certainly did have some interesting things to write about along the way…


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