Just A Profanity Filled Rant To An Ass



If I were honest in my expression, when you told me “I miss you. (Kinda)” I would’ve said “you’re an asshole.”

But that would make it too obvious that you were working my damn nerves, so I responded “You’re funny. Anyway, I just got home. I need to run to the grocery store. Goodnight.”

If I were really honest, I would’ve told you that I was hoping you would break me off some with some good, good – but your ass would need to fucking call before we could ever get to that point!

There’s ab-so-fucking-lutely NO reason for me to feel so passionately about this – except that – damn, I’m so turned on (even though I saw a red flag at dinner)!! Rare moment. I won’t out you here. I admire your openness.

Excuse me for venting. You are such a fucking ass. I’m definitely not gonna be honest. Damn jerk.

Call me.

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19 replies

  1. I am soooo going through this right now freaking crazy


  2. This post only leaves me with more questions…. lol


  3. Alrighty then.


  4. I guess you’re angry…(kind of)


  5. Have you heard of a performer called Scrobious Pip? Look him up on YouTube I think you might like…kinda 🙂


  6. …& it might help if I spelt his name correctly…humm… Scroobius Pip


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