Happiness Is…


Believe it or not, training consistently in the gym (or outdoors during warm weather periods) brings me happiness. Feeling strong and fit brings out the very best in me.


I was in the nail salon last Saturday, reading Viola Davis’ interview in the October 2013 issue of Essence magazine (she’s on the cover). The interviewer asked Viola if she considered herself pretty; I quoted part of her answer above.


“I understand that I have the power to make myself happy and save myself.”


I’ve been consistent with my weekly kickboxing sessions and Saturday boot camp classes, but I need to be doing more as far as training. (My hips are spreading.) So, beginning this Thursday, I’m on early morning sessions with one of my former trainers – early as in being at the gym at 5:30am. I hate getting up early when it’s cold. But for happiness and power – power over my health, power over stubborn body fat, for discipline – and to look stunning and trim in my clothes, I’ll do it. (Lawd help me.)


What makes you feel happy and powerful? What do you need to do to feel more of that? Are you willing to do what it takes?


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14 replies

  1. I need the motivation that you have. Lord knows I can use a workout session or 50 haha


  2. You are so motivated. I am a blob right now. Not happy about it but I haven’t done anything about it yet, either. Gotta get the tv mounted in the exercise room and then maybe, just maybe, I will use it more. Good for you! You are an inspiration and I love the quotes!


  3. Ah, there really is nothing better than feeling yourself getting stronger. Kickboxing classes sound amazing. I used to keep a punching bag in my garage but I’ve never been formally trained on how to beat on it.

    What makes me powerful and happy? Self determination, autonomy, and adventure. Hands down 🙂


  4. The more I exercise, the more I realize that it’s good for my head as well as for my hips (butt, gut, thighs…) Of course, the whole exercise thing would be more effective if that bag of candy corn in the cupboard weren’t calling my name…I bet even Viola Davis would have had difficulty resisting…


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