Kissing On a First Date. What’s YOUR Norm?


Some people think my “rule” of not kissing on a first date is a bit far-fetched, but hey, that’s my norm. I’m told that most women do much more than that on first dates, so no man is going to wait for a kiss – especially when he has options. I say, if I just meet a man, it’s safe to assume at the outset that he DOES have options – unless he’s outright unappealing. I would confirm that eventually, but that’s not a main concern when I first meet a man.

As far as kissing strangers, that doesn’t sit well with me. Call me a prude. I don’t care. And I’m especially not inclined to go someplace and get naked with him.

If two adults are having consensual sex, on a first, third, or tenth date — it’s all good, but I think everyone should do what suits their comfort level.

But just out of curiosity, what is normal first date behavior for you? Please take the poll below. Comments welcome!

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  1. Never kiss on the first date. I have to know a lil bit about you first. I agree that on the first date you are still a stranger


  2. I do believe everyone should have certain things they will or will not do. I just don’t think kissing is such a big deal. If it was a good date you wouldn’t kiss them? Usually that’s how a guy will judge the date. Just hearing a woman say she had fun doesn’t really mean anything. The action of a kiss would mean more.


    • Really? This is the first I’m hearing this. I wanna do a poll now! I do know that men want to feel appreciated for their efforts and like their date had a great time. I totally get that, but isn’t the pleasure in making the woman happy? How else do guys judge how well the date went? Aside from kissing? It’s not a big deal for you because it’s within your comfort zone – your norm. And maybe men and women feel differently about this in general. I don’t know.


  3. I shared the same rule ….until recently! Smh at myself. The chemistry was magnetic with him and after about a month b/w our initial meeting and first date, I let my guard down. So far….no regrets.

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