His Waiting Place (Not About Last Night)


I woke up this morning with my hands in my panties

Both hands clutching my fatty pube

I was so controlled at dinner,  keeping my eyes focused on his. Smiling on cue

But really I couldn’t help it

Wondering what his issues are and when they will be revealed

What the weight of his body will feel like on top of mine

How his slender, muscular body will fit between my thighs

What his neck smells like

“Can I at least kiss you on your cheek?”

I told him no.

“I gave you a light hug when I saw you, right?  That’s enough.”

I told him that I already accommodated him by showing up on short notice.

But unbeknownst to him, he’s already inside me.

Damn girl. This is only a first date. Control yourself.

But in a deep slumber, my hands found their way to his waiting place


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16 replies

  1. Whaaaat he had u with ur hands in your panties hrs later, and u didn’t accept the kiss, girl don’t short change yo self, we adults. I say next date if u really feeling him, get u some lmbo.


  2. Nothing wrong with a little self pleasure after a hot date!


  3. All great choices girl. You’re not easy, so don’t make it easy. If it’s a one night thing and that’s is on the table, then have at it.



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